Cider Lane - Bath & Body Works

I already have a ton of these candles. I went a little nuts on the $10 3 wick candle sale last year. When I got a coupon to get a 3 wick for $10 in Influenster's Beauty Blogger Voxbox, I caved instantly. White Barn makes these for Bath & Body Work's. They burn evenly & are highly scented. 

 I chose Cider Lane. It smells just like caramel apples.  My favorite one is the spiced cider one. They don't carry it anymore but I have a few stashed. I also picked up some mini candles, turkey candle holder & more shea butter socks. The turkey is so cute, I couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...
November 27, 2012 at 7:23 PM

I love the donut candle. It smells so good!

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