You Polish - October

After seeing the skull polish, I couldn't resist trying out a You Polish Monthly box. For October's box, you get to choose 2 out of 5 colors from their Halloween Collection. The first nine get a extra gift and the first 30 also get 3 Halloween fimo canes.

Calaveritas - Clear glitter topper w/ pink, black, grey & white dots, squares, hexes and pink & white skull glitter. I wanted to love this but I don't! The skull glitter doesn't really look like skulls to me - it needs eye holes at the very least. Also, upside down it looks like a pregnant spider :(

All the other polishes w/ skull glitter are the same - I've bought 2 others from other indies so it's not You Polish's fault. 

Zombie Boogie - A gorgeous scattered holo. I do love this one. It's a bright, cheerful color - reminds me of key lime pie.

The 3 fimo canes I received. I like the last one. I couldn't even figure out what the middle one was until I took a picture of it upside down - it's a pumpkin. The first one is just dumb. Love Kills Slowly? Ok.

I paid $16.99 including shipping. This isn't a monthly sub - you pay for each box you want.
Available here

Kelara Lacquers - Indie Nail Polish Mystery Grab Bag

I have another mystery grab bag to share w/ you! This one is from Kelara Lacquers.

Daydream, Silver & Gold, Uranus, Pluto, White Christmas & Mercury

Daydream - This is the polish that first attracted me to Kelara Lacquers. I wanted to buy it but she was out of minis - so happy to see this included! It has a white, creamy base w/ pink, periwinkle and turquoise glitter.

Silver & Gold - This is one of her holiday polishes. It has larger silver & small gold holographic glitter. 

Uranus - This is my favorite out of the bunch. It's a gorgeous teal w/ lots of holographic micro glitter. 

Pluto - A vibrant, shimmery golden bronze color. So pretty!

White Christmas - it looks just like snow! It's super shimmery w/ small square matte glitter.

Mercury - I really like this one. It's a grey & purple duo chrome w/ holographic glitter. Pics don't do this beauty justice!

I'm pretty happy w/ this grab bag! I really like daydream, mercury, pluto and uranus. White Christmas will be perfect for snowy nail tips - excited to try this out! Silver & Gold is the only one I don't love - it's not ugly just a bit boring. 

I paid $21 Available here 
She also has a full size of 5 available for $30 here

Kelara Lacquers Etsy
Kelara Lacquers Website

Glossybox - September

I almost fell over when I noticed this on my porch Monday. 2 days early?!? Can it be? Is GB actually getting their shit together?

This month's box is all about updating your look.

4 full size products this month!

Nioxin- Diamax 
This is hair treatment that claims to increase the diameter of each hair strand. It also helps strengthen hair against damage. I've heard rave reviews about this product & this bad boy retails for $50. Having extremely thick & ass length hair - this is the last thing I need. Ebay?

Oceane - Makeup Remover Pen
This is a pen that is used to remove excess makeup around your eyes and lips. I'm excited to try it. Seems perfect for on the go. It comes w/ 3 replacement tips. Retails $5.30

Emite Makeup - Eyelash Curler
This eyelash curler has a special curved designed to suit all eye types. I like it's sleek, modern design. I'm going to pass this off to my mom who uses a super old, barbaric Maybelline one that she's had my whole life - eww! I'm perfectly happy w/ my tarte one. Retails $30.50

I'm not a fan of perfume at all but this one isn't bad. It isn't good either :)
I will be passing this off to my mom as well.

Be A Bombshell - Eyeliner Pen in Onyx
Eyeliner pen in w/ a marker like tip. Another black eyeliner? Someone please kill me.
I would have liked any other color other than black or brown - so boring!
Retails $14

You can get a similar box for $21 a month here

What do you think of this month's box?

CrowsToes Tiki Torch Swatch and Review

Swoon! This is such a beautiful color. When I first saw swatches online, I bought it immediately.

It's a gorgeous red toned purple jelly w/ fiery sparks. 4 coats.

This polish shows everything so you need to use a base coat (you should always use one anyway!). I really like Glitter Daze's Super Smooth Base Coat. I tried it in one of my daze of the month boxes and liked it so much I bought the full size. It's also 3 free.

Available @ L'larowe's for $13

Pop Culture - Indie Nail Polish Mystery Bag

There are so many indie polish artisans on etsy, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you have been following along, you may have noticed I am addicted to mystery bags - that's a understatement! Mystery bags are often discounted, so it's a great way to try the brand before buying additional polishes.

I've been admiring Pop Culture Cosmetics polishes for months but she has soooo many gorgeous colors, I couldn't pick just one or two. Last month, she listed two different mystery bags and I was able to snag a bag of minis for $15.

She uses really long labels so I cut them down a bit so you can see the polishes. 

The first polish is Immortal. It has a purple base w/ two different shapes of purple glitter. Two of my most favorite things ever - purple and glitter!

The second polish is a prototype. Red, black, neon green and white glitter bomb w/ neon green and red stars. This is a fun one! I like reserving my fun polishes for winter when it's so dreary. 

The middle polish is Fairest of Them All. It has a pink base w/ colorful blue, red, orange and yellow glitter.

The fourth polish is Jack Frost. Another glitter bomb w/ a clear base and blue metallic square glitter & tiny matte white glitter. A gorgeous winter polish - looking forward to this one!

The last polish is my favorite - I Kissed a Frog and I Liked It - shimmery greenish blueish base w/ lime green, yellow and gold glitter. Beautiful! It reminds me of the sun shining on the sea.

I'm quite happy w/ this mystery bag. No duds and a great price. 

Pop Cultures Etsy Shop
Pop Cultures Website  

Glitter Guilty Indi-Go-Go-Girl Swatches

Just wanted to show off my mani using my custom polish from September's Glitter Guilty. See my blog post here

3 coats. It's a purple jelly w/ blue and green iridescent glitter. 
It glows like a firefly!
I know it's a dragonfly - just pretend it's a firefly :)

I requested a particular color combo for October - I can't wait to see how it comes out!

You can win a free polish by emailing pics of your boxes and mani's. I hope I win!

Glitter Daze - September

My last Daze! While I have mostly enjoyed my subscription, I will not be renewing. She has raised the prices and it's just not worth $23.95 to me. In fact, this box is valued at $19 - not a deal AT ALL.

Damn you Glitter Daze! Why does this happen to be a awesome box?
I'm almost tempted to renew my subscription - almost. 

Neon Lights - Neon glitter bomb w/ a lavender base. This glows PURPLE! Now that's pretty awesome.
It's meant to be layered over white.

Evermore Mini - Red crelly w/ silver, pink and white glitter.

Super Smooth Topcoat - 2 free and it has keratin in it. I'm excited to try it.


Look at me go! I'm trying to work my way through some of my foils - I have two glossybox's full!
I don't need to hoard foils!!

I was able to get through 5 lotions! 
I still have a massive stash of lotion, shampoo & conditioner.

Glitter Guilty - September

My 2nd Pleasures Box!

Something is missing!

Full Size - Indi-Go-Go-Girl 
It's a gorgeous purple jelly w/ blue iridescent square glitter & silver round holographic glitter
see my mani here

Mini - Tight End
It's a blue glitter bomb w/ tiny white matte glitter

Where is my candy?? 
The magnet is super cute though. 
Chocolate next month - yay!

Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box includes a full size monthly me polish - a custom made nail polish according to your likes. You also receive a monthly mini and a guilty pleasure - chocolate (non melting candy in the summer)! All for $15.99 a month. Sign up here I would be ever so grateful if you could mention Angela Scooler in the referred by section.

Hit Polish - Willy Wonka Mystery Box

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is one of my favorite movies. I can't stand the newer one w/ Johnny Depp. Gene Wilder is the only Willy Wonka to me! 

My mail comes super late - 5 to 7PM (it's torture) and there was just a sliver of sun left so these aren't the best pics. Sorry :(

My favorite is The Chocolate Room. I normally do not like brown but this one is gorgeous. It looks like it's lighted up w/ tiny jewels. Mr. Willy Wonka is pretty awesome too - loving the matte purple glitter!

Oompa Loompa - white crelly w/ greens, orange, copper & silver glitter
The Chocolate Room - shimmery brown base w/ green, blue, brown, red & yellow glitter in a variety of shapes - shreds, hexes, squares, short bars, etc
Wonka Bar - brown jelly w/ pink, yellow & white hexes w/ silver shards
Mr. Willy Wonka - glitter bomb w/ all kinds of purple glitter (mostly matte). I can also see white, green & black glitter.

Rachel, the owner of Hit Polish creates a themed mystery box every month. Next month's theme is Dark Crystal. She is only making 13 of these so you need to be on it. Dark Crystal goes on sale September 27th.

Polish Addict - September Mystery Box

I recently joined some nail polish groups on facebook and discovered the brand - Polish Addict. How am I just now finding out about them? Every month, she offers a mystery box for $20. I HAD to get one!

For September's mystery box, Laura included one glow in the dark polish, one crelly polish, one glitter bomb polish and one holo polish. She also included a mini cuticle oil and mini spectraflair top coat. 

Brain freeze is a white crelly w/ matte neon blue, orange, green, yellow and pink hexes. This is a fun one! I'm looking forward to wearing it on a dark, gloomy day.

Sun Splashed Shores is a colorful, UV responsive polish w/ blue, orange, gold, red, yellow and gold hexes and squares. This one is my favorite! I love all the bright colors.

Gianna is a purplish pink halo w/ holographic hex glitter. The particular one I have is a prototype so I'm not sure how the final color turned out. I think it's gorgeous and I love the sparse hexes.

Cool Summer is a glitter bomb full of neon glitters - including stars. This is the only one I'm not really feeling but I saw a cute swatch of it earlier so I may give it a shot. 

Spectraflair Top Coat. I've heard that if you use this over color, it will cause it to have the effect of the color underneath. I'm excited to try it.

Look at the all extras she included! I got a mini top coat, cuticle cream, nail beads, glitter, fimo slices and nail decals. 

What a awesome deal for $20!! I LOVE mine.

Available here 

My Ten Friends - Starry Night

This is one of the most beautiful polishes I have ever seen.

I have Van Gogh's The Starry Night hanging in my dining room so I'm pretty familiar as to what it looks like. This is Van Gogh's The Starry Night in a bottle. You have to see this in person to appreciate it.

I can even see the swirling star like effect.

My Ten Friends polishes are mini works of art - this is not just regular nail polish!

I used Nails Inc Baker St. as my undie.

You can purchase My Ten Friends Polishes here

Hit polish - Total Mystery Grab Bag

I LOVE indie grab bags! I just have to know what's in there :) This bag far exceeded expectations.

I received 4 mini polishes & a pair of earrings
Bobbin For Apples - Clear Glitter Topper w/ red, orange, green, yellow and brown glitters
Woven Tapestry - Bronzish Shimmer w/ teal, gold and fuschia glitters
Mint Julep - Minty Green w/ all kinds of rainbow colored glitter
Many Faces of Topaz - Sky Blue Base w/ pink, blue, silver and orange glitters

I like all 4 colors. I am super duper picky - this rarely happens!
Woven Tapestry and Many Faces of Topaz are my favorites. 

 It came w/ a bonus - these super cute earrings! The sun decided to hide - pic doesn't do this beauty justice. I wish I could wear them. My ears do not like earrings of any kind :(

The best part - I paid $12.95 including shipping! She still has a few available here

Overall Beauty Indie Grab Bag

I've bought quite a few polishes from Overall Beauty and I've always been curious about their grab bags. So, why not get one? I assured the hubbster that I needed it for "research" for my blog - ha ha!

One thing that sets this apart from other mystery bags is that you can request particular brands and colors.  No guarantees but I know personally she wants you to be happy. I asked to try Literary Lacquers and no pink.

It came in this super cute bag!

Literary Lacquer - yay! So excited she was able to include one!

Sea Lore - Jumping Jellyfish 
I've came close to buying this soooo many times! 
It's described as a cerulan blue jelly w/ tiny light blue & blue circle glitter.
It's soooo pretty!

Literary Lacquer - Green Gables
My first Literary Lacquer!
It's described as a grass green linear halo.
I think it's beautiful and can't wait to play w/it !

Dollish Polish - Team Salvatore
My first Dollish Polish!
It's a red, gold, black and silver glitter topper. 
It has some fun red squares that are hiding in the photo.

I also got some fun nail accessories. A super cute mirror/tweezer set, tip guides and two different colors of nail tape - how fun!

Available here for $26

I was so impressed - I bought 2 more. For "research" of course :)

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