Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag...I just can't resist you! If you haven't signed up for Lbb yet, here is my referral link. It's super addicting but a lot of fun. 

I opened w/ this bag. Its Big Buddha's Quilted Tote which retails for $95. It has a gorgeous paisley inside liner. There are mixed reviews on this one. There are complaints that it was shipped crumpled up & that it's smaller than what was advertised. I have no complaints :) 

This is the ugliest bag I have ever seen. I know someone probably likes it but I sure don't. Wrong Bag! I got Steve Madden's Crocodile Tote. I will post pics when I get it. This is Steve Madden's leopard tote in merlot.
Sugarfina's candy was the bonus for October's bag. I got heavenly sours & chocolate marshmallow eggs. The sour candy is really good. The chocolate marshmallow eggs...not so much. I also got NCLA's polish in call me for the after party.
Love candles!
The healthy candles smell slightly perfumey. I haven't burned them yet. My favorite is the dark vanilla bean one. It smells like a cupcake.
These are huge!
The bag retails for $269. I paid $54.90 (including shipping).
Steve Madden Crocodile Tote in Merlot. Much better!


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