Sale Extended

I know times are hard for almost everyone. So, I've decided to extend my sale. 

I've Changed my sale to free U.S. and Canadian Shipping, 1/2 off International shipping for Souly Stones Lite -

And I've got exciting news, I have another contributer to the goodie bags! 
Liz of Sacred Things has generously donated these items. She sent me a variety of items - healing balm, body polish, hand balm, foot balm, body wash and smoothing oil. What I really like about Liz's products (in addition to them being all natural) is that each one has a healing aspect to it. She does a lot of research for her products and it shows. 

Black Friday Sale

Its time to announce my annual black friday sale but first I want to share these awesome items I bought for goodie bags. Everyone who purchases from me during my sale will get 5 of the items described below:

  I bought hands n' heels scrub from Nature to You. Its made with shea butter, Australian ivory clay, fine pumice and dead sea salt. Its smells wonderful!

I bought soap samples, votive and tart candles from kimberquinn.
Scents range from chai tea, pumpkin crunch and sweet cinnamon clove - yummy! These are the biggest tarts I've ever seen, you'll need to split these in half.



 I bought cards from Yarn-N-Ink. The cards are prints from one of a kind pen and ink mandalas. These are gorgeous with some amazing detailed art work. 

 I bought a variety of items from Dreamy Pleasures. Lip balms, lotions and votive & tea light candles. Scents range from pina colada, pumpkin spice and coconut lime - they all smell amazing!

There may be some bonus items in some of the goodie bags. I have limited quantities of mineral makeup, pendants and perfume.

Now, on to the sale part :)

Souly Stones - 40% off
Souly Stones Lite - BOGO - Buy one, get one free

The sale will start Late Tuesday Morning and will end Dec. 1st. I'm going to be super busy cooking for Thanksgiving so I am starting the sale early this year. 

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Pumpkin Patch

Photos by Jeff Scooler

I love fall, its my favorite of all the seasons. The colors, the food and of course, Halloween!  The pumpkin patch we usually go to moved this year so we tried a new one. We went to Kruger's Farm which is located on Sauvie Island. I loved it. They have local beer served up in mason jars and lots of good food.

I opened a new etsy store - Souly Stones Lite. It carries simpler & less expensive jewelry and clearance pieces. I've started making pin-pendants again featuring my hubby's photography which you can find at my new shop. And something new I'm working on - handmade jewelry boxes. The boxes are 100% recycled - many more sizes and themes to come.

Front of pin-pendant
              Back of pin-pendant

Handmade Jewelry Box

Windows to the Past

I've finally finished my first fall piece. I'm running a little behind schedule! This piece is made with all natural baltic amber. I've been hoarding my amber for years. There is so much fake stuff out there, I'm afraid to buy anymore!

Baltic Amber is one of my very favorite stones. But its not really a stone, its fossilized resin (tree sap!). It estimated at being at least 50 Million years old though it could very well be older.

The pendant features a gorgeous green amber cab. Green amber is my very favorite kind of amber. I've used honey nuggets and butterscotch nuggets as well. The butterscotch nuggets are particularly special - they are half opaque and half translucent - something you don't see every day.

In between the honey nuggets, I've used fine silver hill tribe nuggets. There are also ornate bali beads through out and a bali clasp.

Wedding Baubles

One of my closest friends, Shell is getting married in the fall. She is wearing one of the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen! Since she lives in Australia, I had to design the jewels from a picture of the dress. I've always wanted to design wedding baubles. Of course, I have before but nothing like this. Shell generously gave me complete creative control! I got to pick out everything which is what I love best. For the earrings, I've wrapped tiny, micro faceted smoky quartz around the delicate turkish silver filigree earwires. I bezel set the sparkly faceted garnets to resemble a abstract flower shape. 

The focal of the necklace is a pendant bezel set with 29 sparkly faceted garnets - though I did not set it. The necklace is made with micro faceted smoky quartz and faceted garnet. There are bali sterling silver beads sprinkled through out. 

Here is Shell's beautiful dress, I can't wait to see the wedding pics!

Thank you so much Shell, I hope you like your baubles!

Wickedly Chic

I just got a convo  from Liz Nonnemacher from Wickedly Chic. One of my bracelets is featured as todays daily ditty

What a honor!! A big thank you to Liz!!!!

Gleneden Beach


All pics by Jeff Scooler                                       

We got back from the beach last week. We didn't want to go home!! The weather was great besides some fog. We spent a lot of time walking on the beach, playing in the sand and running from the FREEZING cold water!

My aunt is selling her beach house :(  I will be soooo sad when we can't use the house anymore. I've been going every year since I was around 5 or so. There are so many special memories I have there. Its the only place where I feel completely relaxed and myself. 

Of course I went to my favorite crystal shop, the Crystal Wizard which is located on the Gleneden Beach Loop. I bought a Lemurian Seed Crystal that I had been admiring the year before. I haven't had a chance to take a pic of it but its about 6 inches long, pale pink with some beautiful companion crystals at the base. 

Now its back to reality. I have two more summer pieces to finish and am also working on a good friends wedding jewelry (pics coming soon...). Then, starting my fall pieces. My first fall piece will be made with padparadscha sapphires which is a gorgeous and very rare sapphire. It is a color shifting stone which changes from orange to salmon depending on the light. I can't wait to work with this stone. 

Atargatis, the Mermaid Goddess

I finally got a piece done after about a month of not creating anything. This piece was inspired by the story of Atargatis. The first known mermaid stories appeared in Assyria, ca. 1000 BC. Atargatis, the mother of Assyrian queen Semiramis, was a goddess who loved a mortal shepherd and in the process killed him. Ashamed, she jumped into a lake to take the form of a fish, but the waters would not conceal her divine beauty. Thereafter, she took the form of a mermaid — human above the waist, fish below.

I love the colors and textures of this one. It features a gorgeous abalone and pearl pendant. I've used white druzy pearls, peacock keishi pearls, whole abalone shells, fine silver hill tribe molten nuggets and sterling silver bali beads.

Big Sale!

I'm having a sale - Buy 1, get one free sale! Its only for one week so hurry!!

Happy 4th!

I know, I've been a bad blogger! The past few months have been very stressful. My grandma was sick, another friend was hospitalized and I re-injured my knee. Knee is getting better and my grandma and friend are both out of the hospital. Things are looking up :)

Needless to say, I haven't made anything for weeks! I'm going to start creating again next week. I'm nearly finished with my summer line and will be starting my fall line within the next month or so. I always worry I will run out of ideas for pieces. But I always seem to find gorgeous new stones I can't wait to work with so luckily that hasn't happened.

We are going to the beach in two weeks. I can't wait! Either can Apollo. He recently graduated pre school. Can hardly believe he will be starting kindergarden in the fall. Its full day kindergarden and I'm heartbroken!  

The photo pictured was taken by my hubby, Jeff. You can find it for sale in his shop -
I am so lucky to be able to use all these beautiful pics in my blog!

I'm still having a sale. Everything is 40-80% off. I made up some scratch off coupons today to include with orders. 

We were thinking of going to the Blues Festival to see fireworks tomorrow but decided against it. With the Vancouver show being closed this year, they are expecting attendance to be doubled! We can see fireworks from our backyard so we are staying home and having a BBQ instead. 

Hope you all have a safe and happy 4th!!

30% Off Sale

30% Off My Entire Shop! I won't be having another sale until Black Friday (November).


Well, its supposed to be spring anyway. You wouldn't know it if you looked outside. Rainy, cold and dreary - good old Portland Oregon. Its unusually cold though, my bulbs are struggling to bloom.  I usually dread spring but am actually happy about it. We've had enough snow to last a lifetime this winter!

I'm still working on my spring pieces and slowly starting my summer line. I made this springy pendant. The flower petals are mystic blue violet quartz with a mystic smoky quartz in the middle. The flower rests on a huge mystic rock crystal focal. 

I will be in Charleston, SC next week for 8 days. I'll be having a sale while I'm gone so check back for details.

Tomorrow, I am participating in Vote Earth. You can vote Earth by switching off your lights for one hour. It takes place on Saturday, March 28th at 8:30 PM. I hope that everyone who reads this will participate too. How hard is it to turn off your lights for one hour! I think we should do this every week. You can find more details on their website


The last month has been rough. Its been over 4 weeks of the flu, viruses and colds. Apollo's been sick 3 times, I had the flu for over 2 weeks, even hubby got it this time. Apollo is sick once again with a hacking cough, runny nose and temperature. I had the pleasure of cleaning up some lovely vomit earlier. He always seems to vomit when he gets sick :(

I haven't had a lot of time to be creative. I was able to sneak away to create this gorgeous piece called, Athens. It features a beautiful and very rare cavansite druzy pendant. I've
also incorporated rainbow moonstone rounds, faceted chrysocolla briolettes, geode druzy nuggets, bali sterling silver beads and a double sided rainbow moonstone clasp.

Healing Properties

Since ancient times, crystals and minerals were experienced to have special energies and healing powers. Crystals and minerals have been used for healing, diagnosing illness, foretelling the future and soul travel in shamanism. Wearing crystals and minerals can help give you energy and open up certain chakras, depending on the crystal or mineral. Opening chakras can help bring better health which results in better behaviors and levels of consciousness. Crystals and minerals can help change the vibration of almost anything it comes in contact with. It can help modify thoughts, emotions and our bodies. Negative can be changed to positive. Disharmony can be changed to harmony. Our bodies can be energized or healed. In places of stress, we can generate calm. 

Abalone can be helpful for increasing fertility, providing protection and balancing energy. Shells, in general can help activate intuition and provide insight. It can be helpful for promoting cohesiveness between self and others and within self. Use it to help treat hearing disorders, calcium deficiencies, nervous system & spinal dysfunctions. It can be used to enhance vitamin A & D and to protect body from atrophy.

Agate can be used to transform and eliminate negativity. It has been used to stimulate analytical capabilities and balance energy. It can be used to treat eyesight, dimish thirst and to promote marital fidelity. 

Agate, Moss 
Moss Agate is known to help improve the ego and self esteem. It can help one to balance emotions. It can be useful to promote growth of new crops. It has been used to treat dehydration, eye disorders, fungal infections, stimulate digestion, eliminate toxins, relieve symptoms of colds, internal infections and the flu.

Agate, Laguna
Laguna Agate can help alleviate depression. It has been used to assist in assimilitation of zinc and vitamins A & D. It can be helpful to treat disorders of colon and lower digestion tract. It can also help enhance elasticity of intestinal walls.

Amber can help change negative energy into positive energy. It can release a bright and soothing energy and clean its immediate environment. It is known to help calm nerves and enliven disposition. It can be helpful for manifesting. It can help stimulate the intellect and open the crown chakra. It has been said that it can purify ones body, mind and spirit when worn. It has long been believed to be a stone of healing, used to alleviate problems of the throat, kidneys and bladder.

Amethyst is a great stone to use if you are trying to increase your psychic abilities and enhance you intuition. Amethyst has been a symbol of peace, purity and unification and can aid in bringing serenity and calmness. It can help open the throat, heart and crown chakras. It is helpful to clear the aura, protect against psychic attacks and remove negativity. Use amethyst to help treat insomnia and promote peaceful and healing sleep. It is also commonly used to relieve headaches, sugar imbalances and general edginess, bringing a overall sense of spiritual balance. It can help treat hearing disorders, disorders of nervous system, digestive tract, heart, stomach, teeth and skin disorders. It can also help strengthen the skeletal system and reinforce posture.

Ammonite is a fossilized animal, similiar to a snail. It is estimated at being 65 - 400 million years old. It can be used to transform negative energy into positive. It can be useful for encouraging and supplementing survival instincts. It has been used to alleviate pain during labor and post partem depression. It has been used to treat disorders of lungs and limbs.

Aquamarine can help shield ones aura. It can help guard against injuries and temporarily protect one from pollutants. It is known to align and balance all chakras. It can help judgmental people be more tolerant. It can be very helpful for spiritually developed people to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness. It has been used to to treat swollen glands and improve vision.

Chalcedony is known to help balance energies and enhance generosity. It has been used to improve assimilation of minerals and combat build up of materials in veins. It has been used to treat dementia, rectify senility and increase mental stability.

Charoite can be used to eliminate negativity and cleanse the auric body. It can be useful for grounding and help awaken analytical abilities. It has been used to treat disorders of the heart and eyes. It can help eliminate headaches and general aches & pains. It can help improve the liver and pancreas. It has been used to regulate and stimulate the pulse rate and blood pressure.

Citrine is one of only two minerals which does not hold & accumulate negetive energy but dissipates and transmutes it. It never needs clearing or cleaning. It is known to help acquire wealth and maintain it. It can help balance and align all chaktras and activate, open and energize the navel & solar plexus chakra and stimulate the crown chakra. It can stimulate mental focus and endurance. It can be used to dispel fears and anger. It has been said that it helps promote a radiance from within self, culiminating a constant, happy dispostion. It is known to clear the aura. It can be used to aid in digestion, treat digestive disorders and promote circulation of blood. It has been used to trear degenerative disorders and help diminish growths. It can strengthen vision, balance thyroid and activate thymus.

Coral can enhance intuition, imagination and visualization. It has helped strengthen both circulatory and bones of the body. It can stimulate tissue regeneration and nourish bllod cells. It has been used to treat disorders of the spinal canal, alimentary canal, nervous system and thalamus.

Emeralds can enhance memory and elimiate negativity from ones life. It can help open, activate and stimulate the heart chakra. It is known to help enter and maintain a meditative state. It has been used to treat disorders of the lungs, heart and muscular system.

Fluorite can help discourage chaos, increase concentration & stabilize energy. It has been used to dissipate colds, flu, staph & strep infections, herpes, ulcers, infectious cankers. It has also been used at the beginning stages of tumor growth.

Garnet can help balance energy and extract negative energy from the chakras and transmute it into postive energy. Garnet acts with speed due to its flash of lightening inside the stone. It can enhance awareness and creativity. It can be extremeley useful for manifesting as it can help with the inner drive and help bring creative powers to implementation. It has been known to balance, stimulate and develop movement of the Kundalini. It has been used to treat disorders of the spine & spinal fluid, bone, cellular structure & composition, lungs, heart and blood. It can enhance assimilation od iodine, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A,D & E. It has repaired and prevented damage to RNA/DNA structures.

Geodes can help treat disorders associated with the nervous system, hands and lungs. It has been used to treat brain tumors and mental imbalances.  

Granite can help protect and eliminate negativity. It is known to help attract money. It has been used to treat disorders associated with the head, face and hair.

The metaphysical aspects of hematite can assist in focusing and balancing energy. It can help transform negative energy into postive energy. It can facilitate peace, self control and inner happiness. It can be useful in meditation for grounding. It can help treat leg cramps, blood disorders, nervous disorders and insomnia. It can be used to assist in spinal alignment and healing of breaks and fractures. It can also help pull heat out of the body.

See Water Sapphire

Jasper can be used to protect against negativity. It can be helpful for grounding, aligining the chakras and balancing energy. It is known to be helpful in times of extended hospitalization when ones energy is low. It has been used for protection during traveling. It can be used to treat tissue deterioration of internal injuries and for disorders of the spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and stomach. It can also be used to strenghten and support the spine and thigh muscles.  

Labradorite is a tremendously spiritual stone. It can be especially helpful for people who tend to overwork. It can help us regain our energy and aid our bodies and spirits in healing themselves. In meditation, focusing on labradorite can help you enter and maintain a meditative state. It has been used to assist in digestion, regulation, metabolism and to clarify the eyes.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis can help activate the brow and throat chakras. It can help one overcome depression and one be successful in relationships. It has been used to protect oneself from physical danger and psychic attacks. It can be used to treat disorders of the thymus, throat, bone marrow and immune system. It can help rectify and prevent RNA/DNA damage. It has been used to treat vertigo, insomnia and dizziness. It can also help restructure muscular, cellular and sketal disorders. 

The metaphysical aspect of malachite can release negative and painful emotions by absorbing them. Malachite is known as the stone of transformation. It can help clear the path to your desired goal. It can help bring fidelity in love and friendship. It is known to help open the heart chakra. It can also help attract prosperity.

Moonstone can help increase spiritual frequency and vibratory rate. It can be helpful to enhance creativity and self expression. It can exude awareness with calmness and help eliminate fear. It can balance the sacral chakra, open the third eye and clean negativity from all chakras. It can be used to eliminate obstacles, provide protection when traveling, stimulate intuition and balance & increase energy. It has been used to treat disorders of digestive and degenerative conditions, insomnia, eliminate toxins, insect stings or bites, shock, malaria, circulatory disorders, disorders of eyes, restrictions of blood flow. Use it to help improve PMS, change of life symptoms, fertility and to ease childbirth.

Mother of Pearl
Mother of pearl has tremendous spiritual value for those whose high goals and attitudes keep them feeling stressed. Shells, in general can help activate intuition and provide insight. It can be helpful for promoting cohesiveness between self and others and within self. Use it to help treat hearing disorders, calcium deficiencies, nervous system & spinal dysfunctions. It can be used to enhance vitamin A & D and to protect body from atrophy.

Healing Properties 2

Since there are so many crystals and minerals, I will only be posting the stones I work with.

Ocho is known to help assist one in victory through gambling, games tournaments and employment. It has been used to treat eating disorders - both aneroxia and bulimia.

Onyx is thought by some to have protective qualities, making it advantageous to carry when one is traveling. It is said to be useful in fighting basic fears and in helping to create the opportunity to move beyond bad relationships and to heal old emotional wounds. It can be used to enhance self control, simulate the power of wise decision making, and to encourage happiness and good fortune. It has been used to treat disorders related to bone marrow, to the soft tissue structures and to the feet.  

Opal can help strenghten the memory, awaken psychic abilities and encourage flashes of intuition. It has been used to disperse infections, regulate insulin production and purify the blood & kidneys. It can help alleviate fevers and stimulate circulatory functions. It can be helpful to clarify and strengthen eyesight, help recovery of Parkinson's disease and provide comfort and ease during childbirth. Opals were used by Native American Indians and Australian Aboriginal Shamen to invoke visions.

Opal, Blue 
Blue Opals can stimulate communication skills and creativity. It is known to enhances ones visioning and activate the third eye. It has been used to balance metabloism and assist in assimilation of iron. It has also been used to treat fatigue and hair loss.

Pearls can help aid in concentration, increase fertiltiy, ease childbirth and stimulate purity of body & mind. Pearls have been used to treat digestive disorders and soft tissue organs.

Pyrite has been used to protect from negative energy, especially when preforming dangerous work. It can be useful to enhance memory. It can help lessen fevers, reduce inflammation. It has been used to treat bronchitis and disorders of lungs. It has been known to assist and prevent RNA/DNA damage.

Quartz can help heal negativity, protect aura and help promote emotional stability. It can clear and activate all chakras and attunes to crown, heart and third eye chakras. It can be helpful for facilitating perseverance & patience. It has been helpful for grounding during meditation. It can stimulate pyschic abilitities and enhance energy. It has been used to treat disorders of circulatory system and digestive disorders. It can help eliminate kidney and bladder infections. It has been used to treat insomnia. It has been beneficial for meditation, spiritual development, studying and taking tests. When worn, it can stimulate thyroid glands and treat respitory problems. It has helped to aid in adjusting imbalances throughout the body. It has been used to treat headaches and eliminate excess body heat. It also can be used for burns- hold crystal to area of burn and it can help eliminate pain, blistering and scars. 

Quartz, Angel Aura
Angel Aura Quartz is known to help invite angel guidance. It can be useful during meditation and can help reach depper mediatation states. It can help promote joy, light & optimism. It can be used to open the throat chakra. In addition to these properties, it also has the same properties of quartz.

Quartz, Rose
Rose quartz is associated with love, the heart and beauty and is thought to be a healing aid for the heart chakra. It can help attune to each chakra and provide the proper frequency of energy vibration. Some believe that rose quartz has calming effects and helps people develop strong friendships. It can be helpful to remove negativity. It can be used to clear fluids in the cells of the body and to release impurities. It can be helpful for diminishing pain, stress and tension. It has been used to diminish burns, relieve heat blisters, vertigo and disorders of kidneys and adrenal glands. It can help decrease coughs and sooth bronchial and lung areas of the body.

Quartz, Smoky
Smoky Quartz can be used to disolve negative energy and emotional blackages. It can be useful for balancing energy, protection and can activate survival instincts. It can be helpful during mediation for grounding. It has been used to focus on business and financial endeavors. You can use it to treat disorders of the hands and feet as well as congestion. In addition to these properties, it also has the same properties of quartz.

Ruby can stimulate the heart chakra and protect one from psychic attacks. It has been known to stabalize economic status. It can help to protect against unhappiness, distressing dreams and lightning. It has helped to enhance creativity. It has been used to treat fevers and heart disorders. It can help decrease length of time required for toxins to exit the body. It also is said to ameliorate intake of caffeine, acting as a counter balance to stimulants.  

Spinel is known as the "stone of immortality". It has been used to balance energy and provide protection. It can help one to obtain, maintain and achieve victory with humility. It is known to enhance your appearance and increase postive aspects of ones personality. It can be useful for balancing the upward energy of Kundalini.

Stalactite is associated with hidden inner growth and secret expansion of the higher self.

Sugilite is known to treat all diseases and attract healing powers. It can open all chakras and can be very useful during meditation. It can help one to forgive oneself as well as others. It can help eliminate hostility, anger, abrasiveness, jealousy, prejudice and all negatve attributes. It can help infuse one with inspiration and confidence. It has been used to treat headaches and dispel all kinds of diseases and discomforts.

Tektite is a form of meteoric glass from outer space. Many believe it is a piece of our own moon or a piece from Mars. Tektite is known to balance the feminine and masculine properties of ones character. It can help strenghten ones energy field. It has been used to treat fevers, reduce transmission of disorders, balance circulation and dispel transmitted diseases. It can be helpful in the amelioration of chronic dilation of the capillaries and small blood vessels.

Tiger Eye 
Tiger eye is a great stone to use for enchancing psychic abilities. It can help balance energy and alleviate stress. It can be helpful for grounding during mediatation. It has been used to treat disorders of the throat, eyes and the reproductive system. It can help improve night vision. It can also be used strenghten the spinal column and broken bones. 

Tiger Iron
In addition to the healing properties of hematite, tiger eye and red jasper, tiger iron can be helpful for the assimiliation of B complex vitamins. It is known to help increade white/red blood cells. It can help strengthen production of steroids and muscular structure.

Titanium Druzy
Titanium Druzy can be used in meditation to stimulate the movement of the Kundalini to the crown chakra, aligning all the chakras. Some people use it to assist in contacting the ancient Greek civilizations during meditation. It also has the same healing properties of quartz.

Topaz has been used to enhance creativity and awareness. It can be useful for manifesting as topaz acts as a conductor. In meditation, topaz can help with visualizing. In faceted form, the facets provide negative and positive currents which is very different from quartz. When used with amethyst, it can give and receive energy from amethyst. Amethyst further provides a soothing, clearing, grounding effect. The combo of the two can be very useful for healing. Topaz has been used to manifest health, correct disorders in the body, treat sense of loss of taste and heal wounds.
Tourmaline can help clear, maintain and stimulate all chakras. Is is known to help diminish fears, encourage self confidence and attracts inspiration. It has balanced energies and protects one from danger. It has been used to balance the left and right sides of the brain, enhance creativity and healing.  

Tourmaline, Rubellite
In addition to the healing properties of tourmaline, rubellite topaz can help one to stimulate and activate the base chakra, providing a direct path between the base and heart chakras. It can help provide physical energy and vitality. It is known to treat disorders of the digestive system, heart, lungs, pancreas and reproductive systems. It can help activate the healing qualities of the heart and balance in the structure of blood vessels and veins.

Water Sapphire/Iolite 
Water Sapphire can be useful to balance male & female aspects of ones character, to eliminate disruption in relations and to release discord from ones life. It can help one to eliminate debts, facilitate acceptance of responsibility and manage money. It had been used to treat malaria, fever prodicing disorders, protect and improve conditions of the liver. It has also been used to lessen fatty deposits and rid the body of toxins. 

Zoisite can transform negative energy into positive energy. It has been used to dispel laziness. It can stimulate the crown chakra. Zoisite can stimulate and amplify psychic abilities. It has been used to treat disorders associated with the heart, spleen, lungs and pancreas. It has been used by healers in Asian countries for diagnostic healing and communicating with spirits.


I am phasing out some of my older designs and have discounted several pieces 50% off.

Please check it out for some great savings!


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Custom Order

This was a custom order from a dear customer and friend. It features a beautiful sugilite pendant. The necklace has my special stash of sugilite along with pink, purple and plum spinel and bali spacers through out. Finished with a bali clasp. I love how it came out! All the various colors of purple look gorgeous together.

Sugilite Pendant                     

Sugilite, spinel & bali

I have been battling a nasty cold for a few days now and finally am starting to feel better. Yesterday, we awoke to about 2 inches of snow. More snow! Winter just started and I have a feeling we will be seeing even more of the white stuff.

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