LLarowe Haul

Recently, Llarowe marked all polishes in the sales category to half off for one day. 

My first Cadillacquer's! I'm excited :)

Darling Diva Polish - Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Cadillacquer - Once More, With Feeling
Cadillacquer - So It Begins
Cadillacquer - Morning Comes
Cadillacquer - Life's Too Short
Cadillacquer - Tell It To The Frogs
Arcane Lane - Respite Lane
Gloss N Sparkle - Symmetry
Arcane Lane - Locked In Limbo

9 polishes worth $110 for $44!

Jindie Nails Burrrberry Swatches & Review

It's freezing! We haven't had weather like this since January. I'm huddled under blankets w/ Venus, Io and Apollo. Wow, I didn't realize everyone was named after planets, moons and sun gods. Venus and Io are my cats and Apollo is my wonderful son. Io is one of Jupiter's moon if you didn't know - my hubby and I are freakin' nerds :)

Do you like my new talons? My nails are super wide and they curl in so I thought this shape might work better for me. 

Burrrberry is described as a white crelly w/ an assortment of berry hex glitter. 

I used two coats. It would have totally covered w/ 3 coats but I didn't want more glitter. I'm a less is more glitter person. I used Glitter Daze's base coat and hk girl top coat. No undies.

It's a gorgeous color but it chipped on the first day. It's streaky too :(

I'm not ready to give up yet. Next time, I will use a white undie - that may help. 

Nail Mail

My latest haul from my awesome nail buddy. 

The sun decided to come out so here's some better pics. 

Indigo Bananas - Eris

I love Indigo Bananas so I was elated to get Eris. It's described as a dusty lavender pink duo-chrome w/ a scattered holo that shifts purple and orange. Gorgeous!

Disturbed Potions - Orgy?

My nail buddy is awesome! I've never even heard of Disturbed Potions before! This polish is beautiful. It's a gorgeous purple crelly w/ blue and pink circle glitter in different sizes. They have super dirty names for their polishes - it crack's me up :)

Pahlish - Dark Paradise

Pahlish is another favorite of mine and this polish is freakin' awesome. It's described as a deep violet jelly w/ violet glass flacks and color shifting orange iridescent glitter.

Literary Lacquer - Greatest Treasure

A pretty red holo. It's described as a semi sheer red linear holo. It's more of a orange red but it's still pretty.

She also sent me decants of Aly's Dream Polish in Tiffanytea, Dueling Unicorns from Different Dimension, Pahlish Mystery and Literary Lacquer in Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. 

Do you have a nail buddy?

Overall Beauty Indie Grab Bags - Picture Heavy

I actually bought these 2 grab bags a few months ago - I'm behind!

One thing that sets this apart from other grab bags - you can request brands and colors. I asked for no pink, my ten friends, polish w/ a white base and purple.

My Ten Friends - Solar Dragon

Girly Bits - Bachelor's Button

Picture Polish - Black

 My extras

Here is the 2nd grab bag

Sea Lore - Springing Seahorse

Dollish Polish - I'll Tumble For Ya

Above the Curve - What No Buy?!?!

My extras

As you can see, she gave me everything I asked for :)

Indigo Bananas Fiery The Angels Fell Swatches & Review

This polish is sooooo beautiful. It's Fiery the Angels Fell from Indigo Bananas.

It's a color shifting polish w/ glass flecks. It shifts from coral to red to orange and has a foil like finish.

It looks better w/o a top coat but I have top coat on (hk girl). Top coat dulls the glass flakes IMO. No undies. 2 coats. Honestly, I HAVE to wear top coat. I don't have the patience to wait for my nails to dry w/o fast drying top coat.

Indigo Bananas can do no wrong in my book. Every single polish is amazing. 
Fiery the Angels Fell is my favorite so far.

Minis range from $6.25 - $7.25  I know that's spendy for a mini but her minis are 8ml.
Full Sizes range from $10 - $12

Glitter Guilty November

I received the most beautiful color this month - I'm in love!

Lilac Luxe - A beautiful greyish lavender w/ silver & copper glitter. It also has iridescent glitter which makes it look like it's glowing.

Sugar & Spice Mini - Orange & Brown Microglitter. Not a fan of brown but this color is pretty. It reminds me of glowing embers. 

Mattify Top Coat Mini - a nice little bonus this month

Chocolate! It was delicious :)

I wanted to capture the glowing glitter in Lilac Luxe but the sun said no.

Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box includes a full size monthly me polish - a custom made nail polish according to your likes. You also receive a monthly mini and a guilty pleasure - usually. All for $15.99 a month. Sign up here I would be ever so grateful if you could mention Angela Scooler in the referred by section.

Forever Polished Pumpkin Spice Thermal Indie Nail Polish Swatches & Review

My first thermal! 

This is what it looks like when it's cold.

Bottle shot - cold

bottle shot - warm

This polish is so much fun! I get constant hot flashes from all the meds I have to take - this is me just sitting here. It keeps changing colors from orange to yellow. 

Application was a bit thick but no biggie. No undies.

I want more - it just makes life more fun :)

Available here for $8.50

Pahlish Mystery Polishes

My 3rd round of mystery polishes from Pahlish.

Every single one is gorgeous - damn it!
I got 3 purple polishes (glitter, shimmer & holo) a blue glitter & a green holo.
It went up $1 so it's $6 each now. Will that deter me? Probably not :)

Forever Polished Large Mystery Box

I caved. I recently reviewed Forever Polished's mystery box and noticed that she had a listing for a larger mystery box w/ 2-3 polishes and 2-3 soap products for $20. So tempting - too tempting apparently :)

I received 2 full size polishes, 1 mini polish, bar of soap, 
2 smaller octopus soaps & nail glitter for $20
What a awesome deal!

The Polishes

Watermelon Punch - white based polish w/ watermelon, purple & turquoise glitter
Fall For Me - nude w/ pink color shift & holo
Coco - brown holo

This smells delish. I'm not sure what scent it is but it smells fruity and the bar is huge.
Love the swirl.

How cute are these little octopus soaps?! 

My most favorite thing in the box - mustache nail glitter! I love mustaches - I have all kinds of mustache stuff but I've never seen nail glitter. This girl is after my heart!

I want to order another one! 

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