Gleneden Beach

We went to Gleneden Beach in Oregon for a week. My aunt has a beach house right on the beach. I've been going at least once a year for the past 27 years!

Gleneden Beach - photo by Jeff Scooler

We all had such a good time. We didn't want to leave. I could watch the waves all day and not be bored. The weather wasn't great. In the 50's and it rained two of the days. It didn't really matter to us. I've lived in Oregon all my life so I'm used to playing in the rain.

Mike Miller Park - photo by Jeff Scooler
We also went to Mike Miller Park which is in Newport. AAA's magazine, Via listed it as a easy one mile hike around old trees and a pond. I wouldn't call it easy. There are very steep hills, I almost lost a shoe! Some of the hills seemed almost impossible to get through. It feels much longer than a mile. My son fell 3 times. I don't recommend bringing children under 7 with you. It is quite gorgeous with mini eco systems, beautiful old trees and a pond. The path is covered with huge tree roots which can be tricky to walk on.

I went to one of my favorite crystal shops, The Crystal Wizard. It is located on the Gleneden beach loop. I got 5 new stones. I could spend hours there. They have a beautiful amethyst geode table and some breath taking lemurian seed crystals. Here is a very unique selenite crystal I bought.

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