StarLooks StarBox - April

My favorite time of the month - Star Looks! I am so in love w/ this sub. For only $15 a month, you get 3-4 full size items. It's a makeup only sub and their quality is incredible.

April's Goodies
Translucent Mineralized Powder $19
Sensation Mascara Primer $15
Tendergloss Lipstick in Basic $11
Mint Lip Balm $5

I'm most excited to try this powder. I've been needing something like this. I wear bb cream but I still get shiny. The poof is so soft & velvety. 

Tendergloss Lipstick in Basic.
It's a nudey pink shimmer. 
Pretty - I like it. 

The mascara primer seems awesome. Not only is it a primer & thickener but it also helps your lashes grow. I have a small bald spot on one of my eyebrows...I wonder if it will work for brows?  I'm going to try it & report back.  

Another awesome month! What do you think?

You can sign up for Star Looks here
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Ipsy - April

I caved and signed back up. After seeing the blush spoiler, I couldn't resist.

Pretty in Pink
Be A Bombshell - Blush in Beach Please Full Size
Mica Beauty - Shimmer Powder in Earth Deluxe Sample
Sation - Nail Lacquer in Love At First Byte Full Size
Healthy Sexy Hair - Soy Renewal Styling Treatment Deluxe Size

I LOVE the blush! I got beach please which is a matte hot pink.
I'm wearing it today - it's pigmented but no so much that you need to use a light hand.

I'm excited to try the soy renewal. 
It's supposed to help frizz which I have a abundance of. 

I'm trading the earth shimmer powder. 
It's a pretty color but I have zero room for more shadows. 
I'm forcing myself to get rid one if I want another. 

Not loving the polish. I prefer dark or bright colors. 

Overall, a great bag! The blush alone retails for $16 

You can get a similar bag here for $10 a month

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Bzz Report

Thanks to Bzz Agent and Garnier Fructis - I was given the opportunity to try Garnier Fructis Miracle Dry Oil.

I love that's its a multipurpose product that can be used on your skin, hair and face.
It has a combination of 3 oils - shea, avacado and olive oil. It retails for $5.99 and can be found at Target and Walmart.

It works wonders for my long, thick and very frizzy hair. It works better if you spray it in your hands and then apply to hair. I found that spraying it directly on your hair made it appear oily. A little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly.

I love spritzing this on shaved legs after I've showered. Since it instantly absorbs, my skin stays soft through out the day.

Bzz Agent is a social marketing community. You qualify for BzzCampaigns and in return, you get free products or services. You then Bzz (share/talk) your opinions on the product. Its a awesome way to try new things!

DISCLAIMER - I received this free to review. My opinions are 100% my own.

The Balm - Instain Blush Swatches - Lace, Toile and Pinstripe

The Balm revamped their website & reopened April 1st w/ a 50% off sale. The site crashed quickly. It's still not up!

Anyway, I got lucky & was able to view their website through a back door link. I only wanted to see their new 6 instain blushes but after seeing them, I couldn't resist. I LOVE blush. I wanted to order all 6 but I was good and got 3. I was only good because hubbster was sitting right next to me - ha ha.

I got pinstripe - a shimmery plum. Toile is a gorgeous strawberry color and lace is bright pink. These blushes are a stain in powder form. They also have argyle (petal pink), houndstooth (mauve) and swiss dot (peach) . These retail for $22 each.




Toile, Lace & Pinstripe

There is some serious pigment in these instain blushes. Surprisingly, pinstripe is the most pigmented of the 3. I love the color - it's gorgeous. Toile and pinstripe are hard to blend - I suspect lace is the same way. I have toile on one cheek and pinstripe on another - I couldn't chose!

I don't know when their site will be back up again.They are going to announce their re-opening on their facebook page. They are supposed to have a 24 hour 50% off sale upon re-opening. Bad news - all the instain blushes are on back order until May :(

The site is back up!

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