Pahlish Vampyre Caravan Swatches & Review

I bought too many Halloween polishes - 7! All indies of course. One hasn't even came yet. I have 4 brand new ones for next year but who am I kidding? I'm going to buy more :)

Pahlish just released Vampyre Caravan Oct.18th so I wasn't sure if I would get it in time. It came on Monday - yay!

It was a pain to photograph! It's described as a oxblood jelly w/ gold and blue shimmer and copper & blue hex glitter.

No issues at all w/ application - no fishing. 2 coats. No undie.

What's on your nails for Halloween? Any plans?

I've never seen the original Night of the Living Dead so hubbster & I are going to watch it after we take our son trick or treating. I plan on eating a ton of candy :)

Glossybox October

October's box is a collaboration w/ Byrdie - an online magazine for all things beauty. I usually love their collaboration boxes so I was super excited to see what goodies I would get.

2 full size items this month!

Tarte - Lights, Camera, Flashes Mascara - This is one of the full size items. I love the packaging & I'm looking forward to trying it. Retails $23

Fresh - Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. Deluxe sample .50oz  It's described as a lightweight, daily moisturizer age-defying moisturizer for all skin types. It's supposed to moisturize skin for 24 hours after application. It sounds like a perfect winter moisturizer - I'm excited to try it. Full size (1.7oz) retails $42

Bvlgari - Au the Vert. Deluxe sample .17oz  I'm not a fan of fragrance so I wasn't thrilled to get this. It is a cute little bottle though. Mine is on ebay :)  Full size (2.5oz) retails $85

Sesha Skin Therapy Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Mask. One Time Use Packet - retails $9. It claims to smooth fine lines & wrinkles w/ peptides & botanical extracts. Calms the skin from environment stresses & rejuvenates it back to a youthful glow. I love masks - I'm going to try mine tonight. Some people got exfoliating gel instead of the mask. There is a 40% off coupon for Sesha products included. 

Balance Me Shine On Tinted Lip Salve in Super Soft Beige. This is the other full size product - retails $16.50. It claims to smooths, hydrates & adds gloss to lips. Everyone got the same color. $16.50 really? I would never pay that. It's gotten good reviews but I'm just not feeling the color. I'm still going to try it. 

Do you like this box? What is your favorite product?

Available here for $21 monthly

Pahlish Mystery Polishes

My second round of mystery polishes from Pahlish. Missed the first? Click here

I'm really into grey polishes right now so I was super happy to get the first polish. Isn't it beautiful? It has a light grey base w/ all kinds of colorful glitter. They do not have names - just ? marks on their labels. 

I was not so happy to get the brown one. The colors of the glitter are pretty but I really don't like brown. Still, out of the 4 polishes I've received so far - I really like 3 of them. You know what that means - time to order more!

I have 5 more on the way - yikes! They retail for $5 each (full size!) which is why I can't resist them :)
Frequently sold out - restocks every Friday night. 

The Winner is....

Alicia Silva! Congrats! You won 3 mini's of Hit Polish. I've already sent you a email for your address. That was fun! 

Nail Mail

My first package of nail mail from my nail buddy! What is a nail buddy? A super awesome friend that sends you nail polish.

My Goodies
Arcane Lacquer - Repeat Caveat
KB Shimmer - 24 Carrot Bold
Lac Attack - Sunset in Paradise
Liquid Sky - Bri's Hella Holo
Pretty Jelly - Fairy Ring
Decant of HG Girl Top Coat
Nail Art Sequins

Heather - you freakin' rock!

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CrowsToes VooDoo Swatches & Review

VooDoo is a glitter bomb w/ orange, purple and green glitter in a clear base. It has all kinds of shapes - hexes, shards, squares and bars. This particular color is really thick so I used a few drops of nail thinner so it would be easier to work with - I like Orly.

I used Zoya's Purity as my undie.

I like a more sparse look to my glitter. This was such a pain! VooDoo is loaded w/ so much glitter, I had a really hard time getting it to look this way. My left hand looks awful!

Available @ L'larowe's for $13

Have you entered my giveaway? Win Hit Polish here

Hit Polish Giveaway!

I love Halloween. I start celebrating in September - it's so good it deserves two months. While I enjoy Christmas - I find it too busy and stressful. With Halloween, there is no pressure. It's all about costumes, candy and fun. AND indie nail polish.

Hit Polish is one of my favorite indie companies. I have over 70 in my collection - way more than anyone else. Rachel is a glitter genius! She pairs the most unusual colors and creates masterpieces. Each bottle is a mini work of art.

I'm giving away 3 mini's of her Halloween polishes - Halloween 2.0, Witches Brew & Spellbound. This is just for US only - sorry ladies :(  Nail polish is hazardous to ship & I don't want anyone's goodies being held up in customs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Walker Bait Dollish Polish Review & Swatches

Hurry up Sunday! The Walking Dead is my favorite TV show and this polish rocks!

Dollish Polish - Walker Bait

It's a duo chrome & a scattered holo! Its a olive green that color shifts to bright green & orange.
It could easily be a one coater but I used two.

Very Limited Edition. You can only get this through Oct. 13th so hurry if you want it!

Available here

Forever Polished - Mystery Box & Pumpkin Apple Butter Soap Review

I've been eyeing these boxes from Forever Polished for some time but the shipping cost is spendy IMO. Shipping is $5 for a $6 box! A few weeks back, she announced a discount code on her fb so I thought it would be the perfect time to try one of these out - or 2 for that matter. I can't just get one!

Now I can see why the shipping is $5. These little boxes are so cute!

It came w/ lavender cuticle butter!

I was pleasantly surprised! I thought they would be discounted or prototypes polishes but they are from her newest line. 

Sea Monster & Rain Clouds Minis

Sea Monster is glitter bomb filled w/ holo glitters in silver, blue and lime green.

Rain Clouds is a thermal polish! My first one :) It's filled w/ blue holo glitter.

I really like both of these. Really excited to play w/ the thermal!!

I LOVE handmade soap. I have enough for my entire life but I couldn't resist this one. It's pumpkin apple butter and it smells awesome! Not only is it beautiful but it's super moisturizing. I paid $5 for a HUGE bar. 

She now has a large mystery box w/ 2-3 polishes (full size I believe) and 2-3 soaps for $20. So tempted!!

October Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box

I LOVE this months box.

Chocolate covered graham crackers & chocolate covered Oreo. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the graham cracker & my son loved the Oreo.

Full Size - Leaf Cruncher
Mini - Something Wicked

I specifically requested Leaf Cruncher. I fell in love w/ it's red, orange and gold shreds.
Something Wicked is a shimmery blue violet w/ lime green glitter.

Above the Curve's What No Buy looks soooo beautiful w/ Leaf Cruncher as a accent.

Loving all the fiery sparks!

Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box includes a full size monthly me polish - a custom made nail polish according to your likes. You also receive a monthly mini and a guilty pleasure - chocolate (non melting candy in the summer)! All for $15.99 a month. Sign up here I would be ever so grateful if you could mention Angela Scooler in the referred by section.

Shimmer Kisses - Queen of the Galaxseas & Candy Pop Review & Swatches

Shimmer Kisses Nail Polish is a brand new indie nail polish company. Ratha (owner) generously gave me two bottles to try.

Candy Pop has a white base w/ blue, pink, yellow, red and green matte hex glitter. I used Zoya's Purity as my undie. 2 coats of Candy Pop. 1 coat Butter London Hardwear topcoat. 

I really like this polish. It's so fun and colorful. 
I can't wait to wear it on a dreary day to cheer me up. 

Queen of the Galaxseas is a GLITTER BOMB. It has so many different colors of purple plus pink and blue glitter. I struggled to find a good undie, when in doubt - always go w/ black. I used Zoya's Raven as my undie. 1 coat of Queen of the Galaxseas. Yep - I coat! I coat Butter London's Hardwear topcoat.

This polish is so beautiful! I keep looking down to admire my nails. You could layer this polish over all kinds of other colors - the possibilities are endless. No issues at all w/ either polish. No fishing. I like the bottles and love the brushes. $9 each

Look at all those gorgeous colors!

Use code ANGELA for 20% off
Available here 

Hare - Bury the Hatchetfish Swatches & Review

As soon as I saw this polish, I had to have it. But it was sold out everywhere :(  I got super lucky and found it through a blog sale.

Bury the Hatchetfish is described as a "brown jelly w/ glowing blue glass flecks and hexes".

The color is gorgeous BUT it chipped on the first day :(

It sucks when you are really excited about something and it doesn't work out.

I haven't had any issues w/ any other Hare polishes so I'm hoping it's just this particular formula. As beautiful as it is, I don't recommend it. 

Pahlish - Mystery Polishes

Recently, Pahlish released some mystery polishes from prototypes & oops batches for $5. You know me, I HAD to order a couple - just to see what I would get :)

The first one has a lavender base (none of these are named) w/ all kinds of colors of glitter. I can see white, silver, red, blue, purple, orange, yellow and green hex, square and circle glitter.  I like it.

The second one is just gorgeous. I love, love, love it! It has a murky grey base w/ purple, fuchsia, turquoise and gold glitter. It looks like it's glowing. It's beautiful.

Why didn't I order more? Sold out now but supposed to be restocked this Friday - Oct 4th

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