Royal Lacquer Kitty and Frosted Berry Review and Swatches

Happy New Year!!
Royal Lacquer recently sent me some beautiful polishes to review. 

This is Kitty. Kitty has black and white circle glitter and lime green hexes. This is 2 coats over You Polish's Zombie Boogie.

Kitty's application is fabulous. The perfect amount of glitter - not too much or too little.
No fishing at all!

It reminds me of 7-up!

Frosted Berry

Frosted Berry is berry/lilac jelly w/ two sizes of holo hex glitter. 3 coats.

I did have to fish just a smidge to get out some of the larger holo glitter.

This is such a pretty winter color - I love how it almost looks like frost. 
I think it would be interesting to try this over a undie.

Check out Royal Lacquer's etsy shop - she has lots more polishes (including holo's!) and awesome nail decals. She kindly sent me some decals to try - I will be playing w/ them in a future post. 

Glossybox December

Not bad!

Anatomicals - You need a Blooming Shower Deluxe Sample
Hubbster uses so much shower gel - I'm grateful to have this so he will stay away from my beloved stash of handmade soaps! I hate floral scents but this one actually smells pretty good. A decent size too. 

Michael Todd - Pumpkin Mask Deluxe Sample
I've been wanting to try this since Ipsy had these in their bags. I wasn't able to get anyone to trade w/ me. So excited to try it! I love masks, I love pumpkin. It should be awesome sauce.

Naobay - Oxgenating Cream Deluxe Sample
Another freakin' moisturizer. I'm all moisturized out. My mom groaned when I told her I have another moisturizer for her :D

Ardency Inn - Punker World's Baddest Eyeliner Full Size
If only it was purple! But that's ok. My mom loves these marker style eyeliners so it's going to her. I never wear black eyeliner - I need color!

Nails Inc - Victoria Full Size
A deep cherry red - a perfect undie for my indies!!

I'm diggin' this box. Something for me, hubbster & my mom. 

KBShimmer Christmas Now Swatches & Review

Traditional Christmas colors are not my favorite so I didn't buy too many holiday polishes this year. I couldn't resist this one called Christmas Now by KBShimmer. 

It reminds me of presents, ornaments and a Christmas tree. It's so cute - I love it!

It's a green jelly w/ square, circle and star glitter.

2 coats. 1 coat of hk girl. No undies. This polish is super easy to apply. It's loaded w/ glitter - I actually had to scrape some off. 

$8.75 @ KBShimmer

Indigo Bananas You Get Nothing Sir Swatches & Review

My gorgeous talons are gone :(  We had a nasty cold snap and all my nails broke off except one. I'll admit it - I've made fun of people complaining about breaking a nail. I feel your pain!!

Despite my nubs - I am loving this polish. Indigo Bananas recently debuted their Paradise Holiday Collections which includes 5 Willy Wonka themed polishes. Willy Wonka is one of my favorite movies and Indigo Bananas is my favorite indie brand - why not buy all 5? So I did :)

You Get Nothing is a gorgeous greyish linear holo w/ blue and maroon glitter. It was super easy to use - no fishing for any glitter - applied smoothly. 2 coats + hk girl topcoat.

EPIC Nail Mail

My nail buddy sent me the most awesome nail mail ever. Take a drool er, I mean look.

Pahlish - Mystery
Darling Diva - Gett Off
Philly Loves Lacquer - Glitter Tits
Hare - Amethystos 
Philly Loves Lacquer - Merry Christmas Angela! (custom)
Lilypad Lacquer - True Blood
Smitten - What Sorcery Is This?

CBL - Black Gold Texas Tea
Glam Polish - Indigo Sparkle
CBL - Coral Cuteness (custom)
Lilypad Lacquer - Vixens Wear Violet
Lilypad Lacquer - Queen of Halloween
Lilypad Lacquer - Lilac Lovely

Here is the custom she had made for me - It's called Merry Christmas Angela! I cried when I read the title. I'm going through a particularly hard time right now and this made me feel so special. Plus it's purple and a holo! Enough said :)

Glitter Guilty December

My last pleasures box! While I have loved my subscription, I canceled. My polish collection has grown immensely and I would rather spend that $16 a month on polishes I really want. Next month, I'm going to include a nail polish budget to our monthly bills. I'm hoping if I have a set amount to spend every month, that I won't go over it. We will see. I'm constantly putting myself on no buys for overspending but I seem to buy more when I'm attempting a no buy. Low buy - hopefully that it will work for me.

I got Snowed In as my full size. It's beautiful. It's a blue crelly w/ all kinds of glitter - including snow flakes. It looks like fresh snow falling.

I got Holly and Pinecones as my mini. It's a clear glitter topper w/ berry and gold glitter. Pretty & festive.

I also got some blueberry cheesecake popcorn. It's long gone :)

1st swatch - I used a Pahlish mystery color as my undie (green scattered holo) and used 2 coats of Holly & Pinecones on top.

2nd (middle) swatch - 2 coats of Holly & Pinecones

3rd swatch - 3 coats of Snowed In. Snowed In is a bit runny.

I'm going to miss this sub so much. I will definitely miss the treats!

Ruby White Tips Mystery Box Review

I'm a sucker for mystery boxes. I noticed a listing on etsy called Mystery box that you will love. It described telling the polish maker you're favorite color and she will make you two polishes plus include a surprise. Sounds like a great deal so I bought it w/o hesitation. I chose purple.

Honestly, I don't love it. While the polishes are pretty - they aren't unique. No glitter, no holo - no nothing. I expected something more unique. Not feeling the necklace at all. 

The darker color is named Patagonia. It's a vampy purple. I'm going to keep it to use as a undie. Chloe is the other color. It's more pink than purple. I don't like pink. I know you take a chance when you buy a mystery box of anything but this was super disappointing as she had rave reviews.

I paid $12.75. While it's a great deal for 2 full size polishes, it's not a great deal if you don't like the polishes. You can find Ruby White Tips on etsy.

Glossybox - November

This month's theme is Holiday Romance. Its supposed to be about matte skin and bold eyes and lips. Not seeing bold lips at all in this box!

Sulwhasoo - Concentrated Ginseng Cream
"Formulated w/ the roots, berries, and water of rare 5 year old Korean ginseng, this corrective treatment stimulates cell regenration by penetrating the deepest layers of skin to revitalize & ultimately restore youthful looking skin from within."  So what does it do? I have no idea but the container is super cute. Deluxe sample .17oz

The Aloe Source - Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish
"This multi-tasking sulfate-free cleanser effectively removes makeup, oil and impurities. It gently exfoliates w/ a combo of jojoba microbeads and alpha & beta hydroxy acids, while nourishing aloe vera soothes skin for a healthy, radiant glow. It sounds awesome but I am overflowing in cleansers. It may go up on ebay. Deluxe Sample 1oz

Emite Makeup - Micronized Eye Shadow in Dams
"Create the ultimate smokey eye w/ this highly pigmented eyeshadow. The micronized formula assures a fine, smooth and even application and Avoids grainy reults for a stunning romantic look. Can be used wet & dry." Black eyeshadow? Boring! A bold color would have been better. Full Size $27

Nicka K - New York Professional Eyeshadow Brush
"Effortlessly apply your eyeshadow w/ this ergonomically designed brush. Each lightweight brush is specially crafted w/ quality pony hair & designed w/ easy handling in mind, resulting in precise & flawless application of makeup". I'm usually excited about makeup brushes - you can never have too many. Except in this case, I do. I already have 3 brushes exactly like this one. Bummer. Full Size $5

Mastey - Color Protecting Leave-In Oil Treatment
"This leave-in oil treatment is a combination of certified argan oil from Morocco, olive oil & grape seed extract. These three ingredients in combo w/ Mastey's vegetable based moisturizing factor, rice amino acids for reconstruction  and Vitmins E & B5, make it the perfect solution for damaged & color treated hair. Honestly, I'm sick of hair oils - I have way too many. Full Size 2oz

This box doesn't suck but it's pretty boring. 

Did you get November's box? What do you think?

Glossybox $21 monthly

The Devil Wears Polish #2 Swatches & Reviews

How awesome is this color?!?

It's called #2 and it's from The Devil Wears Polish
Its shifts blue, purple and red.

The Devil Wear Polish is a relatively new indie company. She has amazing holos - I own several but this is my first tried Devil.

Application is a bit on the thick side. Adding a couple drops of nail thinner would have easily solved it but I was too lazy to get up! I'll definitively add it next time. This polish is a bit spendy @ $15 but IMO, it's worth it. She frequently has sales and discounts and I was able to get mine 15% off. 

LLarowe Haul

Recently, Llarowe marked all polishes in the sales category to half off for one day. 

My first Cadillacquer's! I'm excited :)

Darling Diva Polish - Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Cadillacquer - Once More, With Feeling
Cadillacquer - So It Begins
Cadillacquer - Morning Comes
Cadillacquer - Life's Too Short
Cadillacquer - Tell It To The Frogs
Arcane Lane - Respite Lane
Gloss N Sparkle - Symmetry
Arcane Lane - Locked In Limbo

9 polishes worth $110 for $44!

Jindie Nails Burrrberry Swatches & Review

It's freezing! We haven't had weather like this since January. I'm huddled under blankets w/ Venus, Io and Apollo. Wow, I didn't realize everyone was named after planets, moons and sun gods. Venus and Io are my cats and Apollo is my wonderful son. Io is one of Jupiter's moon if you didn't know - my hubby and I are freakin' nerds :)

Do you like my new talons? My nails are super wide and they curl in so I thought this shape might work better for me. 

Burrrberry is described as a white crelly w/ an assortment of berry hex glitter. 

I used two coats. It would have totally covered w/ 3 coats but I didn't want more glitter. I'm a less is more glitter person. I used Glitter Daze's base coat and hk girl top coat. No undies.

It's a gorgeous color but it chipped on the first day. It's streaky too :(

I'm not ready to give up yet. Next time, I will use a white undie - that may help. 

Nail Mail

My latest haul from my awesome nail buddy. 

The sun decided to come out so here's some better pics. 

Indigo Bananas - Eris

I love Indigo Bananas so I was elated to get Eris. It's described as a dusty lavender pink duo-chrome w/ a scattered holo that shifts purple and orange. Gorgeous!

Disturbed Potions - Orgy?

My nail buddy is awesome! I've never even heard of Disturbed Potions before! This polish is beautiful. It's a gorgeous purple crelly w/ blue and pink circle glitter in different sizes. They have super dirty names for their polishes - it crack's me up :)

Pahlish - Dark Paradise

Pahlish is another favorite of mine and this polish is freakin' awesome. It's described as a deep violet jelly w/ violet glass flacks and color shifting orange iridescent glitter.

Literary Lacquer - Greatest Treasure

A pretty red holo. It's described as a semi sheer red linear holo. It's more of a orange red but it's still pretty.

She also sent me decants of Aly's Dream Polish in Tiffanytea, Dueling Unicorns from Different Dimension, Pahlish Mystery and Literary Lacquer in Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. 

Do you have a nail buddy?

Overall Beauty Indie Grab Bags - Picture Heavy

I actually bought these 2 grab bags a few months ago - I'm behind!

One thing that sets this apart from other grab bags - you can request brands and colors. I asked for no pink, my ten friends, polish w/ a white base and purple.

My Ten Friends - Solar Dragon

Girly Bits - Bachelor's Button

Picture Polish - Black

 My extras

Here is the 2nd grab bag

Sea Lore - Springing Seahorse

Dollish Polish - I'll Tumble For Ya

Above the Curve - What No Buy?!?!

My extras

As you can see, she gave me everything I asked for :)

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