The Look Bag - October

I signed up for The Look Bag. They promise 5 samples a month, with 2 of them being full size for $12.95 a month. This is their relaunch month. They decided to take a few months off to regroup after having multiple problems.

It came in a bubble mailer just days after I signed up.

4 full size items! I got a deep matte eggplant shadow - so pretty. I like the pixi lip and line primer too. There is a pic w/ it under Mireness lip bomb in red in the post under this one (Ipsy - Oct). I lick my lips a lot so they are always super dry. This made them smooth even though my lips looked like sandpaper right before.

Bad News. The stila eyeshadow is expired. Not only is it expired but it was discontinued 3 years ago.  I really feel for the look bag. According to them, their vendor sold them expired product. I emailed them personally and was told they would be making a public announcement soon. I'm not sure what to do. Cancel? Wait and See? I really hope they address this soon.

Overall, I do like the bag though I would like it more if I could use the eyeshadow. The pop polish is full sized. I've seen others layer it over the orange circus polish (ipsy). I thought about doing my toes this way but who am I kidding. I only change colors when its really chipped and looks horrible :)

Are you canceling?

UPDATE - I got a email from The Look Bag that states if you got the Stila eyeshadow, you will get an additional product next month. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't think its fair to the people who already canceled. I'm giving them another month.


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