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I've heard about fair trade but never took the time to learn what it really is. I never knew it helped build new schools, roads, health clinics and safer drinking water.

Green Mountain Coffee is the world leader when it comes to purchasing fair trade coffee. This helps farmers get fair prices, improves working conditions & helps protect the environment.

Green Mountain Coffee has one of the largest fair trade selections. They generously gave me 4 flavors to try - Vermont Country Blend, Colombian Fair Trade Select, Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve, and Wild Mountain Blueberry. They are all good but my very favorite is the extra bold Sumatran Reserve. This baby wakes you up!

You can easily find Green Mountain Coffee at Target & Walmart. I found caramel vanilla cream at my local Freddie's (Kroger). Yummy!

Bzz Agent is a social marketing community. You qualify for BzzCampaigns and in return, you get free products or services. You then Bzz (share/talk) your opinions on the product. Its a awesome way to try new things!
Disclosure - I received this free from Bzz Agent. My opinions are 100% my own.

Goodies - November

The Goodies Company is a new food monthly subscription. For $7 a month, you receive 7 "goodies". You have to request a invitation to join - I know, it's annoying. I signed up at the end of September & got my first box in November. It's worth the wait!

They included a canvas bag - a nice touch!

All I can say is yum! Oogie's white cheddar popcorn is sooo good! I plan on buying more. I'm not a big fan of tea so Bigelow's pumpkin spice tea was given to a friend. The dark chocolate quinoa bar from Alter Ego is delicious & long gone. Bobbysue's nuts are really good & have a interesting flavor - it reminded me of pumpkin pie. I instantly cringed when I noticed the white wine, shallot & cayenne cracker from American Vintage. I do not like wine at all so I gave them to hubby. He kept commenting on how good they were - naturally I got curious & tried one. OMG! Deliciousness. They have a slightly spicy & sweet taste to them. Really unique - never had anything like it. Lotus Bakeries biscotti spread tastes just like Trader Joe's cookie butter. It's similar to butter only it's cookies. And finally, two chocolate souffles from Flourless Bliss. I haven't tried this yet. It's a chocolate and a souffle - of course it's good.

I got to try 7 goodies that I've never heard of and seen before. Score! I would sign up quickly if I were you - they are in their beta mode and all subscribers lock into their special $7 monthly fee. I imagine they will be raising the price in the future. What do you think Goodies?

Sign up here

Little Black Bag - November

My last Lbb. For reals. I LOVE them but at $54.90 a pop, it's just too expensive. If I could just open one bag a month & be done with it, I could keep it. But no. I seem to be in love w/ several bags at a time & end up opening multiple ones.

 I love this bag. Is it possible to love a purse? Yes, it is. I love everything about it. I love the colors, the studs & the size. The details are amazing, I especially like the studs around the handle.
I snagged a Tarocco candle in red orange. It smells amazing! I got a Youngblood eyeshadow palette in purple majesty. An olive oil soap, two blushes & Minerologie's lipstick in catwalk.
Finally, I traded for this gorgeous raspberry infinity loop scarf (pic from Lbb) . It has a little shimmer to it. You really have to mess w/ it for it to look right. You can't start w/ the scarf so I had to trade for it. It was like pulling teeth, no one wanted to give it up. I don't blame them, I wouldn't give it up either. Luckily, I was able to snag one before trading ended.
You start off by opening a bag for $49.95. Lbb then gives you 2-3 other items which are a surprise until you pay. Immediately, you can start trading items w/ other members so you build your dream bag. You also could open a $29.95 bag - though you won't technically get a bag. You can pick from accessories, home items & beauty. You have a week to trade if you go w/ the $49.95 bag. You have 3 days to trade w/ the $29.95 one. You can sign up for Little Black Bag here.

Review - Skinn Twin Set Collagen Boost Lipstick & Wet Lip Gloss in Coral Poppy

I got this lipstick/gloss combo in my last Beauty Army box. It's from Skinn Cosmetics in the color Coral poppy. I instantly cringed - orange/corals usually look awful on me.

 Coral Poppy
I actually like it. I have to wear the gloss over the lipstick. I have a habit of licking my lips which makes my lips dry. Since my lips are on the bigger side - its noticeable.

This alone retails for $18.50. I got 5 other items for $12 total. Total score. They have another lipstick/gloss combo in Pink Tulip. If you haven't signed up for Beauty Army, what are you waiting for? You get to pick 6 items (some full size) for $12 a month. You can skip or cancel at any time.
Here is my referral link - Beauty Army

Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag...I just can't resist you! If you haven't signed up for Lbb yet, here is my referral link. It's super addicting but a lot of fun. 

I opened w/ this bag. Its Big Buddha's Quilted Tote which retails for $95. It has a gorgeous paisley inside liner. There are mixed reviews on this one. There are complaints that it was shipped crumpled up & that it's smaller than what was advertised. I have no complaints :) 

This is the ugliest bag I have ever seen. I know someone probably likes it but I sure don't. Wrong Bag! I got Steve Madden's Crocodile Tote. I will post pics when I get it. This is Steve Madden's leopard tote in merlot.
Sugarfina's candy was the bonus for October's bag. I got heavenly sours & chocolate marshmallow eggs. The sour candy is really good. The chocolate marshmallow eggs...not so much. I also got NCLA's polish in call me for the after party.
Love candles!
The healthy candles smell slightly perfumey. I haven't burned them yet. My favorite is the dark vanilla bean one. It smells like a cupcake.
These are huge!
The bag retails for $269. I paid $54.90 (including shipping).
Steve Madden Crocodile Tote in Merlot. Much better!

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