Black Friday Sale

Its time to announce my annual black friday sale but first I want to share these awesome items I bought for goodie bags. Everyone who purchases from me during my sale will get 5 of the items described below:

  I bought hands n' heels scrub from Nature to You. Its made with shea butter, Australian ivory clay, fine pumice and dead sea salt. Its smells wonderful!

I bought soap samples, votive and tart candles from kimberquinn.
Scents range from chai tea, pumpkin crunch and sweet cinnamon clove - yummy! These are the biggest tarts I've ever seen, you'll need to split these in half.



 I bought cards from Yarn-N-Ink. The cards are prints from one of a kind pen and ink mandalas. These are gorgeous with some amazing detailed art work. 

 I bought a variety of items from Dreamy Pleasures. Lip balms, lotions and votive & tea light candles. Scents range from pina colada, pumpkin spice and coconut lime - they all smell amazing!

There may be some bonus items in some of the goodie bags. I have limited quantities of mineral makeup, pendants and perfume.

Now, on to the sale part :)

Souly Stones - 40% off
Souly Stones Lite - BOGO - Buy one, get one free

The sale will start Late Tuesday Morning and will end Dec. 1st. I'm going to be super busy cooking for Thanksgiving so I am starting the sale early this year. 

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