Urban Decay - 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

I've been oogling these for some time. But $44 for 5 travel size eye pencils...I don't think so. I saw this in the clearance section at Sephora & paid $12. Score :)

The set comes in 5 colors (going L to R below).The first one is delinquent - it's a sparkly dark purple color. My favorite, but I'm a sucker for almost anything purple. The next color is rehab - a shimmery brown color. The one in the middle is juju - a shimmery gold color. Next to last is sin - a shimmery champagne pink color. Finally, the last one is clash - its a sparkly turquoise color.

I really like these. They are colorful & are super easy to blend. There are mixed reviews on these. Some say they don't blend well. I wonder if different colors have different ingredients?

Glossybox June & July

My July glossybox came today. Have to admit, I'm disappointed I didn't get the eyeshadow. Wah Wah, I'll live :)  The conditioner is whipped, thats kinda cool I guess. Both the shampoo & conditioner are for color treated hair. I've given up on color, I'll just keep rockin my metallic highlights (damn greys!). My hair is its natural color - black right now. The greys (isn't that what some people call aliens?) shimmer against the black so its pretty noticeable (to me anyway). I got a brown universal eyebrow pencil. Brown?!? How is that universal? My eyebrows are black (no greys yet, my brows better not betray me) so it looks weird filling them in with brown. Going into the next traveling box along w/ the lipgloss. The lipgloss looks cheap to me. So, meh. I'm a little cranky today.

My June glossybox. I've only tried the body butter & wella hair treatment. Wella's moisturizing treatment smells awesome. It didn't really do much for my hair though. I have super thick, long, wavy hair so its not wella's fault! The shea butter is awesome. I LOVE shea terra's products, they can do no wrong in my book. I will be using the mascara at some point, have too many open right now. I've heard great things from the ladies on MUT about it.

June Glossy
First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream - 2oz $4.85 (FS $16.50)
BeautyAddicts Show-OFF Mascara - FS $20
Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream - .24 oz $13.83 (FS $98)
Shea Terra Organics Ultimate Moisturizing Body Creme - 1oz $6
Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment - .84 oz $1.99 (FS $12)
A Perfume Organic Urban Organic Perfume Oil - 1ml $5.42 (FS $65)

Total Value $52.09   I paid $21

July Glossy
Alessandro Pedix - Heel Rescue Balm - 1.01 oz $5.55  (FS $18.50)
OFRA - Universal Eyebrow Pencil - FS $10
Sebastian - Color Ignite Shampoo - 1.7 oz $3.03  (FS $14.95)
Sebastian - Color Ignite Conditioner - 1.7 oz $3.43 (FS $16.95)
Senna - Double Dose Lip Lacquer - FS $22
Caswell-Massey - Almond & Aloe Hand & Body Emulsion .17oz x2 $.84 (FS $24)

Total Value $44.85        I paid $21

What do you think of June & Julys boxes? Have you canceled?

Traveling Sample Box

Oh, this was so much fun! The ladies on MUT decided to do a sample box swap, kind of like a traveling sample box. The first round went so well, I signed up for the second round quickly. One person starts the box and puts in samples and/or products she doesn't want & sends it to the next person on the list. The next person would then take any samples and/or products she wanted & includes her unwanted samples and/or products. And she then sends it to the next person & so on.

Here is what I put in

I put so much in that I couldn't get the box shut. The box was already the size of a large flat rate so I had to take more than I wanted just to get it shipped to the next person.

What I took

I got some awesome stuff!

Stuffed to the brim, ready for the next person on the list

Rotten cat of mine

*SPOILER* July Glossybox

Thanks to the awesome ladies on MUT!

A big thank you to Emr410 for letting me use her pictures!!

Box Contents:
Alessandro Pedix - heel rescue balm
Sebastian - color ignite shampoo
Sebastian - color ignite conditioner
Figs & Rouge - lip, face, & body balm - FS
Senna Cosmetics - mineral eye shadow trio - FS
Ruddy Water - blushed fragrance towelette

Another Variation:
Alessandro Pedix - heel rescue balm
OFRA - universal eyebrow pencil
Sebastian - color ignite shampoo
Sebastian- color ignite conditioner
Senna - double dose lip lacquer - FS
Caswell-Massey - almond & aloe hand and body emulsion

A super big thank you to Auntboo for letting me use her picture!!

I am drooling over this, I hope I get it!!


My no buy isn't working out. I got some unexpected money & spent quite a bit after my friend passed. Emotional buying....yikes! I am feeling buyer's remorse as all these packages keep coming everyday.

I found some great deals for $10 & thought I would share. I apologize in advance if I am screwing up anyones no buy!

Nars - Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Toundra - $10 @ sephora. I have this. Its a gorgeous metallic burgundy color. How often can you get nars for $10?

Smashbox - Master Class Eyeshadow Quad. This one is for brown eyes - $10 @ sephora (online only)

Same thing but for hazel eyes. Also $10 @ sephora (online only)

Laura Geller - Real Deal Blush Stick in Spice (pictured) or Real - $10 @ ulta (online only). I'm tempted to get the spice one but I have 6 blushes I haven't even opened & another on the way.

Cargo Lipgloss - on sale for $9.50, regular price $14 @ ulta. They have 16 different colors online.

Photos from Sephora & Ulta

Bzz Campaign - Family Night With Fred Meyer

Ever heard of Bzz Agent? Bzz Agent is a social marketing community. You qualify for BzzCampaigns and in return, you get free products or services.  You then Bzz (share/talk) your opinions on the product. Its a awesome way to try new things!

This is my second bzz campaign. Fred Meyer generously gave us vitamin water & tortilla cupz (similar to scoops). We also got vouchers for fruit popsicles & pizza.

The tortilla cupz are similiar to other brands for much less. I made guacamole and the boys gobbled it up while we played jeopardy.

The big hit was the fruit popsicles. Real fruit chunks & much cheaper than other brands. We are already on the third box.

I am really looking forward to the next campaign!

http://img.bzzagent.com/image/familyNight.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=5895812368&Campaign=1939590958&Uid=1319928&token=85531d1495f44f4cc8873d877f4f4033" alt=""/>


I planned on writing about my July birchbox but the truth is, my heart just isn't in it right now. A really good friend of mine passed.

I don't know what to say, think or feel. I'm still just trying to process it. I can't believe he's gone.

I haven't cried yet. I know when I do, I'm just gonna ball :(

Cravebox - June/July

Yay! My second cravebox. I freakin love this sub. This was supposed to be a BBQ limited edition box only but they decided to use them as the monthly one too. I think its pretty awesome! I didn't sign up for the BBQ LE box so I'm super happy they gave them to all of us.

Super cute packaging just like before.

Rotten Cat

This is so cute! I'm tempted to invite people over just to use these.

I never even heard/seen this before!

I'm hoping they make all the LE boxes monthly ones. Except the dog one since we have cats. Another $10 box of fun. Can't wait until next month!

Box Contents:
Bic Charcoal Alternative Flame Disk
Coupon for a free Bic Torch Lighter
Box of True Lemon Packets
Mozaik 40 Piece Appetizer Set
Mighty Leaf Iced Tea

What do you think about this months theme? Craving a Cravebox? http://www.cravebox.com
There is still a wait list so try to be patient :) I know its hard, I was impatient too!

Sephora Splurge & Review

I couldn't resist one last splurge before I take this no buy seriously. I've been drooling over the ciate paint pots all year long. The color I really wanted - oil slick has been sold out since they came out. Finally restocked! This color is so cool - pics don't so it justice. It's pricey @ $15 - the most I have ever paid for polish!

photo from sephora

I got this gorgeous eyeshadow (bright yellow gold) from sephora's collection for $5! Its from the prisma chrome line. They have several other colors. I LOVE this color. Its not as obnoxious as it looks, promise. I love the little wave design.

I also got Benefits's new ultra plush lip gloss in hoola. Its a gorgeous golden nude color with lots of sparkle. It doesn't have much pigment to it but I really like it. And it smells like peaches!

Last pièce de résistance - Urban Decay's super saturated high gloss in apocalypse. Its looks dark because it is & that's what I like about it. It's flattering to my skin tone & its super glossy (better be @ $19!). A lot of plum colors look more magenta but this is a real plum color. Yay! I'm always looking for colors like this.

Swatches going from L to R. Sephora eyeshadow in bright yellow gold - I put on several layers so I could get the color out. Its much more subtle than pictured. Benefit's gloss in hoola. Urban Decay's super saturated gloss in apocalypse.

Julep - July

Hubby & I discussed whether it was gross to post this pic. I don't do my finger nails (keep them short & neatly trimmed) so the only way I could show this was by listing a toe (or foot) pic. Is it gross? I hope not. I am wearing butter london's big smoke w/ julep's America.

I am loving my June box. I had such a hard time picking just one. I ended up choosing bombshell this month.  Nearly every box came w/ a matching lip gloss, I wanted to get more but I am trying to be good.

I am loving the gloss I got - zinnia. Julep describes it as a violet plum creme. It looks more reddish to me.

Several Coats

Sad panda :)  One coat looks more pinkish

swatched on hubby - He's such a good sport!

Box Contents
America Polish - FS $14
Kate Polish - FS $14
Chelsea - FS $14
Zinnia Lip Gloss - FS $18

Total Value: $60

I paid : $19.99

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