Photo by Jeff Scooler

Wow, another year is almost over. It flew by sooo fast! All in all, it was a good year. Yes, we had our struggles, especially financial ones but we got through it and we still have our house. 

My beautiful, wonderful son turned 5 and started pre kindergarden. I can hardly believe it. Where did the time go? Seems like a minute ago he was a newborn. 

I met a wonderful person, Clare. She was a customer who quickly turned into one of my closest friends. I reconnected with a beautiful soul, Shell. She also was a customer of mine, several years ago. We lost touch for awhile but we are connected for life.

I talked and met with my biological father who I haven't talked to for 7 years. It didn't end well but at least I can put the pain he has put me through behind me and move on. The whole in my heart is still there but slowly healing. 

My jewelry got into another store called Divinity's Splendour Glow which is in Arlington, Mass. Business has been good. 

Hubby and I celebrated our 7 year marriage anniversary and our 10 year anniversary of being together. Our marriage is stronger than ever. He continues to make me laugh everyday. When times are hard, that laughter can get you through anything. 

I am truly blessed and grateful for everything I have. I can hardly wait to start a new year. I know 2009 will be one of the best ever. 

Winter Wonderland

My, we have a lot of snow! It all started on the day of my son's 5th birthday party, Sunday, Dec. 14th. I don't remember how much snow we got that day but just remember being freaked out trying to make it to my moms house for the party. It quickly turned icy. 

It snowed all last week. On my sons birthday, Thursday, Dec. 18th, there was very little snow left. He was in preschool about an hour before we were called to pick him up. It started snowing like crazy and continued to snow almost non stop for the next 3 days. We weren't able to make it to Chuck E. Cheese that day. So, we stayed home, ate cupcakes and made a snowman.
Thursday, Dec. 18th                                                  

Then Saturday, we got a huge storm. I'm not sure just how much snow we got. We have drifts that are at least 3 feet tall, some probably taller. Our little snowman got buried. You can see its little head poking out. Its gotten much worse since the picture was taken on Saturday. I can't get outside to take anymore pictures. The snowman is completely buried. The snow is almost up to our windows. We haven't gotten mail in two days, the banks are closed. No planes are taking off, the city of Gresham (where we live) has declared a state of emergency.  We weren't supposed to get any snow today but its snowing now as I'm writing. There is another 4-8 inches coming tomorrow so it looks like we will be stuck here for Christmas. 

Saturday, Dec. 20th

We have been stuck at home for 4 days now. Luckily, my hubby is on vacation though we wanted to get out and have some fun. It has been nice to have all this family time. I've been doing a lot of baking. Tonight, we will be making a gingerbread train. Last year, I bought a kit to make a house but didn't have time to make it. We have nothing but time now!  I put a recycling bin outside to collect snow and dump the snow in the bathroom sink so Apollo can still play with it.

I heard that this is the biggest snow storm to hit Portland since 1968. Its still snowing.

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