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Sad panda :(  One of the eyeshadows broke & my box is a mess!
The culprit.
 It cleaned up nicely.
My first influenster box! Influenster is a site for "trendsetters"to share their opinions of new products. You prove your influence by unlocking life stage & expert badges. You do need to have somewhat of a active online social life to participate. You need to get invited to join. I have 5 spots available - please email me if you are interested
Let's get down to the loot :)
I was surprised that it had so much in it. The item that I was most excited to try - was of course, the broken item. So sad :(  I've contacted both NYC & Influenster, I'm hoping to get a replacement. They sent a NYC Individual Eyes Compact. It comes w/ a primer & illuminator. These retail for $4.99 - what a steal!
I got a mahogany teakwood mini candle from Bath & Body Works. White Barn makes these candles & this one smells like cologne. I already have a ton of these candles. I went a little nuts on the $10 3 wick candle sale last year. These candles are awesome. They burn evenly & are highly scented. They also included a coupon to get a 3 wick candle for $10.
Fake lashes! This is a starter kit from Kiss.  I'm afraid I'm going to glue my eyes shut w/ this. I've never worn fake lashes. I'm not cool enough :) 
They also included a tube of Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Cream. I have long, wavy & super frizzy hair. I am always on the lookout for something that will help w/ frizz. High hopes for this one. It smells like jasmine.
Spin Pins from Goody. I used to use these! These are great for buns & other up do's. Because my hair is so thick & long - I have to use 2 pairs. 4 of these suckers is heavy! It gave me a headache so I quit using them.
I was lucky to get a bonus. Vitabath's fragrance mist in Wild Cherry. HUGE bottle. Will last forever.
I almost forgot - Eboost's Energy Drink Mix. I love that's its all natural.
What a box! I paid $0. Yep, influenster is free!! Happy dance.



Lori Ann said...
October 30, 2012 at 8:18 PM

I have really thick hair too. I put my hair in a ponytail first. I only use one set of pins but it holds pretty well. It can still get heavy by the end of the day though.

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