Anastasia Hyper Color Brow & Hair Powder - Ultra Violet Review

I love the look of hair chalk but I have super dark black hair. I am been super envious of those w/ blonde & light brown hair. Anastasia Beverly Hills claims that their hyper color hair powder works on all hair colors. 

It comes in 4 colors - ultra violet, mega watt green, teal tornado, electric blue. I got ultra violet @ Ulta for $12.50

As you can see, it actually showed up! 

It's so easy to use. You first "prep" your hair w/ styling cream, styling wax or leave in conditioner. I used styling cream.

You then "sandwich" your hair in between your fingers or a cosmetic sponge & the hyper color - glide the color on. Set w/ hairspray. It works better if you use your fingers - wear gloves.

It's super messy. Wear a dark shirt when applying because the color gets everywhere. 

The verdict - While I'm happy that it showed up, the color lasted less than 2 hours. You use up a lot, I hit the pan using it one time. It gets all over your hands & shirt. 

I wouldn't buy this again. If the color lasted longer, I would buy one in every color. 

February Star Looks Special Lauren Clark Edition

Star Looks is the only all makeup sub that I know of. For $15 (plus $1.98 shipping), you receive 3-4 full size products. Sign up here  I will be so grateful if you mention Souly Stones as the blog who referred you.

This month, they teamed up with makeup artist Lauren Clark. I LOVE what she picked. I don't even like pink but I am in love w/ this box!

Squeel! I LOVE this frickin' box!

The loot
Princess Diaries Eye Liner Retails $15
Barbie Fluid Blush Retails $15
Pink Oasis Lip Gloss Retails $11
Tipsy Lip Liner Retails $8

Left to Right
Pink Oasis Lip Gloss
Princess Diaries Eye Liner
Tipsy Lip Pencil
Barbie Fluid Blush

Princess Diaries Eye Liner
When I realized they included pink eyeliner - I thought to myself "What the hell am I going to do with that?". I used it as a eyeshadow base. It turned a pretty coral color when I dusted Sauce Box Cosmetics Wild Flower (matte orange red) eyeshadow over it.

Tipsy Lip Liner w/ Pink Oasis Lip Gloss layered over. 
The blush is super duper pigmented. I haven't played w/ it yet.

Have you tried Star Looks yet? What are you waiting for?

UPDATE - January Glossybox Swatches

 3 of the possible 6 lipstick/stain/gloss for January's box.

Top - Tarte Glamazon Lipstick in Fierce
Middle - Vincent Longo Lipstain in Americana
Bottom - Vincent Longo Lipstain in Belle Etoile

Fierce is a super pigmented bright red color.
Americana is a brick red color - more pigmented than a typical stain.
Belle Etoile is a burgundy red stain. 

I love all 3!


A small accomplishment.

Goodies - February

Meh. Not impressed w/ this box. I kept the chips ahoy cookies & gave the rest of the box to the boys. I'm giving Goodies another month before I cancel. This box isn't even worth $7

Box Contents
Peanut Butter & Co - Dark Chocolate Dreams & Smooth Operator
Nutty Bean ChickPz - Sweet & Spicy Chipotle
Nabisco - Chips Ahoy with Reese's
Enjoy Life - Plentils in Sea Salt
SnackWells - Yogurt Pretzels
J&D's - Bacon Popcorn

For $7 a month, you can get a similar box (hopefully better). Sign up here. There is a one to two month waiting list.

How To Press Mineral Eyeshadow

I promised to write a how to on pressing minerals so here it is :)  Curious about pressing loose eyeshadows & pigments? See my post here

To press minerals, you need to add a binder. There are a variety of binders you can use. You can use MAC's mixing medium, pure glycerin, beauty from the earth pressing medium or Biosilk silk therapy. I decided to go w/ - BioSilk silk Therapy. I went to Sally's to get the generic version for $8.79 - Ion Silk Drops.

I got my pans from - these are smaller @ 18.5mm x 4mm instead of the traditional 26mm pan. You can find the 26mm pans @ Coastal Scents. I used Sweetpea & Fay's mineral eyeshadow in fresh oil.

You need the following Materials
Rubbing Alcohol
Mixing Tool (I used one for clay)
Dime (for 18.5 x 4mm pan) or quarter (for 26mm pan)
*2 - Dropper Bottles (for rubbing alcohol & binder)
Small Bowl Or Jar (I heard a shot glass works really well)
Binder of your choice - see above
Clean, lint free cloth (I used a scrap of jeans)
Small Spoon
Empty Palette (I used a Z palette)
Organza Bag (optional)

1. Pour minerals in bowl

2. Add 7-15 drops of your choice of binder - just enough until it starts clinging together.

3. Mix in a few drops of alcohol in the bowl, mixing as you go. You want this to look smooth. Keep adding alcohol it until it resembles a wet dough consistency.

4.  Spoon mixture into eyeshadow pan. Spread it as evenly as you can. Try not to overfill. Let it set for 30 mins.

5. Lay your cloth down gently on top of the pan and let it soak up the alcohol. Once the cloth is saturated, move the pan under another dry patch. Repeat until your cloth stops soaking up alcohol.

6. Lay your coin on top of the cloth and line it up with the pan's edges - it should fit just right. Press down until you see alcohol bleeding around the edges. Move to another dry spot & repeat. Keep pressing until the cloth isn't soaking up anymore alcohol. 

7. Optional - Lay down the organza bag and coin over the pan and press down until the pattern is transferred. 

And there you have it - pressed mineral eyeshadow!

Sephora X Psycho, Chaotic, Air Head and Shifty

I spent the entire weekend watching The Walking Dead's marathon. Perfect time to play w/ polish! Sephora has a new line of polish simply titled X. They have around 12 different types ranging from glitters to neon to neutrals w/ over 60 colors. I fell in love w/ their illusionist collection - 4 different top coats. I used Color Club's Insta This as a base.

Chaotic, Psycho, Air Head and Shifty

This reminds me of splatter art


Pics don't do this justice - it turned into a sparkly blue violet duo-chrome.


Really hard to photograph

Air Head 
Also hard to photograph. It's a glittery halo.

Available @ Sephora $11.50

What do you think of Sephora's new polish line? Worth $11.50?


My second box from Graze :)

I like this box better than the last one!

Pear Tatin - Pear, Raspberry Cranberries, Yoghurt Coated Seeds & Almonds
Marvellous Macaroon - Amaretti Drops, Almond Slices, Coconut Flakes & White Chocolate Buttons
Summer Berry Flapjack - Rustic Rolled Oat Flapjack with Berry Infused Cranberries
Garden of England - Baby Strawberries, Apple & Blackcurrants

The marvellous macaroon is my favorite - it's sooooo good! The summer berry flapjacks are delish. I haven't tried the other two yet. I am trying to save these as snacks instead eating the box in one day! Next weeks box is already up - looks super yummy. I plan on staying w/ this sub so I canceled Ipsy. Have to save money somewhere

You can get a box every week just like this for $5 (including shipping). Sign up here 
You need a invitation code to join. Mine is 9W3PF7XD
First box is free!!

And the Winner is....

Jenny from IBDFM  Congrats!!

Next time, it will be open to everyone.

Thanks for entering :)

Glossybox - January

A lot of members are really pissed off @ GB. It took them nearly a month to get January's box sent. I got lucky as some member's box just shipped. Yikes! GB partnered w/ The Man Repeller (fashion blogger). GB promised that we would get either a Tarte Glamazon Lipstick or Vincent Longo Lipstain. Some people got cheek stain instead. I'm thinking they promoted January's box so heavily that they ran out of lipsticks/stain.

I am loving the silver celestial packaging.

Box Contents:
Estee Lauder - Sumptous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara
Fresh - Umbrian Mattifying Serum
Le Metier De Beaute - Replenishing Daily Solution
Living Proof - Prime Style Extender
Narciso Rodriguez Perfume Spray
OPI - Can't Let Go Liquid Sand Lacquer - Full Size
Vincent Longo - Lip Stain in Belle Etoile - Full Size

I am trading the Living Proof style extender & Fresh serum for Tarte's Glamazon lipstick in  fierce. I've heard nothing but good things about Living Proof's style extender. The polish is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to trying the mascara & daily solution. A full size of the solution is $225 - I hope I don't like it! I'm sticking it out w/ GB for one reason - Illamasqua. My favorite brand & it's been in 2 boxes so far. 

My favorites. The lipstain retails for $23. That alone pays for the box!
My lipstain is in Belle Etoile - it's described as a sheer burgundy.
I will post swatches soon. I have fierce & another lipstain in Americana coming through trades.

For $21 a month, you can get a similar box . Sign up here

Goodies - January

Finally! Nearly all my January subs came late - I am so impatient!

The theme of his months box is New Year New You. It's packed w/ sensible snacks & treats.

Box Contents
Nature's Bakery - Raspberry Whole Wheat Fig Bar
Stretch Island Fruit Chews in Berry
Go Nola in Wild Blueberry Wave
Skeeter Snacks Cookie in Chocolate3
Wild Garden - Hummus & Pita Chips
Cascal - Berry Cassis Natural Soft Drink
Falafel- Spicy Falafel Chips

Another great box! I've tried Nature's Bakery bars before - they are so good. Raspberry is my favorite. The Stretch Island chews are delicious. I would totally buy these. The Go Nola is also really good. It's pretty low in sugar (always a bonus). I've also tried Skeeter Snacks in another sub. Unfortunately, it was in crumbs. Good crumbs though. Hubby polished off the hummus (I'm not a fan). The falafel chips are super spicy. I couldn't eat it. Hubby also scored on this one. And finally, the natural soda from Cascal. It's the only thing I haven't tried it. I keep forgetting about it.

For $7 a month, you get 7 different goodies. You can sign up here. There is a 30-60 day waiting list.
It's worth the wait :)

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