Shimmer Kisses - Queen of the Galaxseas & Candy Pop Review & Swatches

Shimmer Kisses Nail Polish is a brand new indie nail polish company. Ratha (owner) generously gave me two bottles to try.

Candy Pop has a white base w/ blue, pink, yellow, red and green matte hex glitter. I used Zoya's Purity as my undie. 2 coats of Candy Pop. 1 coat Butter London Hardwear topcoat. 

I really like this polish. It's so fun and colorful. 
I can't wait to wear it on a dreary day to cheer me up. 

Queen of the Galaxseas is a GLITTER BOMB. It has so many different colors of purple plus pink and blue glitter. I struggled to find a good undie, when in doubt - always go w/ black. I used Zoya's Raven as my undie. 1 coat of Queen of the Galaxseas. Yep - I coat! I coat Butter London's Hardwear topcoat.

This polish is so beautiful! I keep looking down to admire my nails. You could layer this polish over all kinds of other colors - the possibilities are endless. No issues at all w/ either polish. No fishing. I like the bottles and love the brushes. $9 each

Look at all those gorgeous colors!

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Available here 


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