Pahlish Mystery Polishes

My second round of mystery polishes from Pahlish. Missed the first? Click here

I'm really into grey polishes right now so I was super happy to get the first polish. Isn't it beautiful? It has a light grey base w/ all kinds of colorful glitter. They do not have names - just ? marks on their labels. 

I was not so happy to get the brown one. The colors of the glitter are pretty but I really don't like brown. Still, out of the 4 polishes I've received so far - I really like 3 of them. You know what that means - time to order more!

I have 5 more on the way - yikes! They retail for $5 each (full size!) which is why I can't resist them :)
Frequently sold out - restocks every Friday night. 


Erica D said...
October 24, 2013 at 6:50 PM

beautiful! I have nothing like this in my collection. Do you think you could swing by and vote for me in a Canadian Blogger contest? Thanks for your kind comment, I love seeing them :)

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