Forever Polished - Mystery Box & Pumpkin Apple Butter Soap Review

I've been eyeing these boxes from Forever Polished for some time but the shipping cost is spendy IMO. Shipping is $5 for a $6 box! A few weeks back, she announced a discount code on her fb so I thought it would be the perfect time to try one of these out - or 2 for that matter. I can't just get one!

Now I can see why the shipping is $5. These little boxes are so cute!

It came w/ lavender cuticle butter!

I was pleasantly surprised! I thought they would be discounted or prototypes polishes but they are from her newest line. 

Sea Monster & Rain Clouds Minis

Sea Monster is glitter bomb filled w/ holo glitters in silver, blue and lime green.

Rain Clouds is a thermal polish! My first one :) It's filled w/ blue holo glitter.

I really like both of these. Really excited to play w/ the thermal!!

I LOVE handmade soap. I have enough for my entire life but I couldn't resist this one. It's pumpkin apple butter and it smells awesome! Not only is it beautiful but it's super moisturizing. I paid $5 for a HUGE bar. 

She now has a large mystery box w/ 2-3 polishes (full size I believe) and 2-3 soaps for $20. So tempted!!


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