Anastasia Hyper Color Brow & Hair Powder - Ultra Violet Review

I love the look of hair chalk but I have super dark black hair. I am been super envious of those w/ blonde & light brown hair. Anastasia Beverly Hills claims that their hyper color hair powder works on all hair colors. 

It comes in 4 colors - ultra violet, mega watt green, teal tornado, electric blue. I got ultra violet @ Ulta for $12.50

As you can see, it actually showed up! 

It's so easy to use. You first "prep" your hair w/ styling cream, styling wax or leave in conditioner. I used styling cream.

You then "sandwich" your hair in between your fingers or a cosmetic sponge & the hyper color - glide the color on. Set w/ hairspray. It works better if you use your fingers - wear gloves.

It's super messy. Wear a dark shirt when applying because the color gets everywhere. 

The verdict - While I'm happy that it showed up, the color lasted less than 2 hours. You use up a lot, I hit the pan using it one time. It gets all over your hands & shirt. 

I wouldn't buy this again. If the color lasted longer, I would buy one in every color. 


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