Glossybox - August

This month's theme is Bohemian Summer. This box is pretty kick ass! 

5 Full Size Items!

Anatomicals - Facial Spritz
I wish I would have gotten this at the beginning of summer! It doesn't expire until 2016 so I will use it next summer. Its scented w/ lavender and retails $9

Novex - Brazilian Keratin Hair Care Treatment Cream
I thought this was protein powder @ first glance! This is a extra deep hair cream - I have super frizzy hair so this will definitely be used. Retails $4.99

Jelly Pong Pong - Lip Blush
This is a lipstain that hydrates like a balm. I got marshmallow pink, it also comes in cranberry.
It's pretty but I would never pay $18 - way too spendy for what you get. 

Sue Devitt - Triple C-Weed Pressed Powder
Holy Cannoli - Can it be? GB actually sent me the right color!
Super excited to try this, it has green tea in it and for some reason, this makes me excited :)
Retails $28

Pandora's Polish 
I got a pearly pinkish nude color. It's pretty - I will use it as a undie. Retails $9.50

I forgot! We got a bonus Guess/GB makeup bag.

What do you think of this month's box? 

Darling Diva Polish 5 for $25 Mystery - Picture heavy

I was naughty and bought 2 more. I loved my first "mystery" and couldn't resist ordering another. Then she had a sale, soooo I HAD to buy another. 

Mystery #2
Nice List

Oblitus - A gorgeous pinkish purple blueish holo

Pendragon - green, gold, copper, brown and black glitters w/ gold holo powder. I LOVE this one. It's stunning - can't wait to play w/ it!

FunkyTown - This is a soft, shimmery one. It's lighter blue than shown and its loaded w/ beautiful gold sparkles. I have no idea what I'm going to use as a undie w/ this one. Any suggestions?

Hel - I love this one. A gorgeous brown based mint green holo. It's not that pretty in the bottle but swatched, it's stunning. 

Nice List - This one is super sparkly. It has a slightly red base and it's loaded w/ red, berry and white glitter. 

Mystery #3
Mind Blown
Roller Girl
Blueberry Ala Mode

Shameena - A purple jewel tone linear holo. Gorgeous!

Mind Blown - this is the only one I don't like but I really do not like pink. It reminds me of Minnie Mouse. It's hot pink w/ black circle glitters that remind me of polka dots.

Roller Girl - it's a soft charcoal shimmer polish loaded w/ multi colored glitters. This is a fun one!

Blueberry Ala Mode - I LOVE this one! It's beautiful!! It's a white based polish w/ various colors of purple glitters and black hexes. It looks just like blueberry pie - yummy.

Caliente - Clear base w/ large red hexes, red & pink glitter, red square glitter and it glows in the dark! How cool! It's much more stunning in person.

I love these 5 for $25 deals. You won't receive any polishes that are currently listed but it's such a good deal that I really don't mind. You can purchase here

Very tempted to order another!

Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box - August

My first Pleasures Box!

Glitter Guilty pleasures Box includes a full size monthly me polish - a custom made nail polish according to your likes. You also receive a monthly mini and a guilty pleasure - chocolate (non melting candy in the summer)! All for $15.99 a month

Cotton Candy? So not expecting that. It was delicious.

I received Sweet Georgia Peach as my full size and State Fair for my mini. Sweet Georgia Peach is peach polish w/ pink and yellow glitter. Only pink and peach are on my dislikes! I was super disappointed as I thought this would be tailored to your likes.

I decided to email Jessica - the owner. She replied back right away even though she was on vacation. She told me it was a mistake and offered to custom make me another polish or I could pick one from her current stock.

Customer service like that is rare! I'm really impressed and looking forward to September's box. I'm hoping for chocolate :)  Almost forgot - I got State Fair for the mini. It's pretty cute - blue base w/ pink, blue, red and tiny white glitters.

You can subscribe here I would be ever so grateful if you could mention Angela Scooler in the referred by section.

Glitter Daze - August

I've been putting this review off for a few days. I really don't want to write a negative review but I have to be honest. I'm not feeling August's box or their new changes to their subscription. Let's start w/ the box first. 

A Whole New World  Full Size
Summer Sprinkles Mini 
Cuticle Stick 
Hand Fizzy

The packaging is super cute just like last month.

Glitter Daze claims they made A Whole New World custom just for this box. That may be true but this is not a unique polish - I would hardly call it "custom". It looks just like Rainbow Honey's Mt. Moon & Sephora X Shifty. I've had both & got rid of both because I didn't like either. GD claims it's a "topcoat that shifts color". Really, it just makes your nails look frosty. After getting such a beautiful color in July's box - this was such a let down.

Summer Sprinkles is from their newest collection - ColorPop. I already have A Boardwalk To Remember from the same collection. Summer Sprinkles looks like neon camouflage to me. It's unique but not my style at all. 

This was my favorite part of the box - the peony scented cuticle stick & hand fizzy. The hand fizzy is extra for continuing my sub.

Right now, I pay $22 monthly for this sub. It's a splurge but I really like it (well, I did like it) so I'm willing to pay a little more. Now, they have raised the price to $23.95. On a whim, I went on their website and added a full size polish and a mini to my cart - it came to $17.12 w/ shipping. Why would I or anyone pay $23.95 when you can get it cheaper on your own & pick your own colors? It seems greedy & it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 

Hit Polish Nail Lacquer - Raspberry Cabaret

Buried in Beauty Boxes is going through a change. I'm not buried anymore - I only subscribe to Glossy Box and Glitter Daze (which expires next month - not renewing) now. After being introduced to indie nail polishes - I've become nuts. I've acquired about 150 bottles of indies since July. Yep. Yikes!

Raspberry Cabaret is such a gorgeous color with it's fuschia, pink and purple glitters. Again, I don't like pink! But I love it so much, I got a full size :)

Undie - Julep Eden

Pics of multiple fingers came out super blurry. This photo below was taken on day 5 of my mani. Day 5! It still looks pretty good.

This particular shade is on sale for $4.50. It's discontinued so hurry if you want it.
Be prepared for more Hit Polish swatches, I have over 50 of her polishes alone :)

Darling Diva Polish - 5 for $25 deal

I found this awesome deal on Darling Diva's etsy page. 5 full size polishes for $25. Her full sizes usually cost around $9 each so this is a incredible deal!

I received Cougar, Denim Mitten, Grape Jellyfish, Bonnie Lassi and Hot Coco. I love the range of polishes I received - a halo, chromes, glitter and a shimmer.

First up is Cougar. It has a brown base w/ a greenish sheen. My pics don't do this beauty justice.

Denim Mitten. It's so beautiful! It's a shimmery blue with magenta circle glitter. 

This is my favorite out of the bunch. It's called Grape Jellyfish. A gorgeous purple holo!

With a name like Bonnie Lassi, I can't help but think of Scotland. This is a fun glitterbomb. It would be cute for St. Patty's day.

Last one. This is Spiced Coco. It's a multi chrome - it reminds me of sunset. Pretty!

I love that these are quality polishes - not just crappy leftovers that no one wants. I was so happy with it, I ordered another 5 for $25. She will go through your order history to make sure you don't receive dupes.

You can purchase Darling Diva's 5 for $25 deal here

Hit Polish - Wizard of Oz Mystery Box

How cute is the freakin' box? I saved mine to display.

I'm such a sucker for cute packaging!

Glinda the Good Witch
Poppies Will Make Them Sleep
Emerald City
Yellow Brick Road

I don't even like pink but Glenda the Good Witch is gorgeous! I love the square glitter. Poppies Will Make Them Sleep is a colorful glitter topper w/ red, green, black, white and silver colors. Emerald City is my favorite - a lush glittery green. Yellow Brick Road is stunning. It's sparkly and shimmery - can't wait to see it in the sun.

I paid $12.95 including shipping - a awesome deal. I can't wait for more!

Check out Hit Polishes Website here 
Currently, she has full size polishes on sale here for $4.50 each

Influenster - Sunkissed Vox Box

Dr. Scholl's For Her 
Sinful Shine w/ Gel Tech
Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream 
Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics 

I don't do heels so I gave this to my mom. It's designed to shift pressure off the ball of your foot. My mom's feet always hurt so I hope it helps her. These retail for $10.99

I adore these. I love the colors and these are just like twistbands for a fraction of the cost. I have really long & thick hair - these work great. Retails $3.99 - $4.99

I was most excited to try out this bb cream. But, it's way too light for me. The color is fair to medium and it's the darkest color they have. Wtf? What do us naturally tan girls use? I would have loved to try a color that worked for me. It retails for $12.99

Sinful Shine is sold exclusively through Walgreens. This isn't a ordinary polish - it has gel tech in it which makes it super shiny. No top coat needed. They have 32 shades of Sinful Shine and it retails for $2.99  I got rendezvous - a gorgeous shimmery aqua.

What a awesome box! I love getting these boxes from Influenster.

What do you think of Influenster's Sunkissed Vox Box?
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DISCLOSURE - I received these products complimentary from Influenster.

Blog Sale - Indie Nail Polish

It seems like everyone is doing this on pinerest now.

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