Glitter Daze - August

I've been putting this review off for a few days. I really don't want to write a negative review but I have to be honest. I'm not feeling August's box or their new changes to their subscription. Let's start w/ the box first. 

A Whole New World  Full Size
Summer Sprinkles Mini 
Cuticle Stick 
Hand Fizzy

The packaging is super cute just like last month.

Glitter Daze claims they made A Whole New World custom just for this box. That may be true but this is not a unique polish - I would hardly call it "custom". It looks just like Rainbow Honey's Mt. Moon & Sephora X Shifty. I've had both & got rid of both because I didn't like either. GD claims it's a "topcoat that shifts color". Really, it just makes your nails look frosty. After getting such a beautiful color in July's box - this was such a let down.

Summer Sprinkles is from their newest collection - ColorPop. I already have A Boardwalk To Remember from the same collection. Summer Sprinkles looks like neon camouflage to me. It's unique but not my style at all. 

This was my favorite part of the box - the peony scented cuticle stick & hand fizzy. The hand fizzy is extra for continuing my sub.

Right now, I pay $22 monthly for this sub. It's a splurge but I really like it (well, I did like it) so I'm willing to pay a little more. Now, they have raised the price to $23.95. On a whim, I went on their website and added a full size polish and a mini to my cart - it came to $17.12 w/ shipping. Why would I or anyone pay $23.95 when you can get it cheaper on your own & pick your own colors? It seems greedy & it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 


yousoldtheworld said...
August 15, 2013 at 6:04 PM

Aw, I'm sorry you aren't happy. The packaging on these boxes is so cute! I like the look of them, but then again my polish collection isn't huge and I have no indies yet. :)

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