Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box - August

My first Pleasures Box!

Glitter Guilty pleasures Box includes a full size monthly me polish - a custom made nail polish according to your likes. You also receive a monthly mini and a guilty pleasure - chocolate (non melting candy in the summer)! All for $15.99 a month

Cotton Candy? So not expecting that. It was delicious.

I received Sweet Georgia Peach as my full size and State Fair for my mini. Sweet Georgia Peach is peach polish w/ pink and yellow glitter. Only pink and peach are on my dislikes! I was super disappointed as I thought this would be tailored to your likes.

I decided to email Jessica - the owner. She replied back right away even though she was on vacation. She told me it was a mistake and offered to custom make me another polish or I could pick one from her current stock.

Customer service like that is rare! I'm really impressed and looking forward to September's box. I'm hoping for chocolate :)  Almost forgot - I got State Fair for the mini. It's pretty cute - blue base w/ pink, blue, red and tiny white glitters.

You can subscribe here I would be ever so grateful if you could mention Angela Scooler in the referred by section.


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