Darling Diva Polish - 5 for $25 deal

I found this awesome deal on Darling Diva's etsy page. 5 full size polishes for $25. Her full sizes usually cost around $9 each so this is a incredible deal!

I received Cougar, Denim Mitten, Grape Jellyfish, Bonnie Lassi and Hot Coco. I love the range of polishes I received - a halo, chromes, glitter and a shimmer.

First up is Cougar. It has a brown base w/ a greenish sheen. My pics don't do this beauty justice.

Denim Mitten. It's so beautiful! It's a shimmery blue with magenta circle glitter. 

This is my favorite out of the bunch. It's called Grape Jellyfish. A gorgeous purple holo!

With a name like Bonnie Lassi, I can't help but think of Scotland. This is a fun glitterbomb. It would be cute for St. Patty's day.

Last one. This is Spiced Coco. It's a multi chrome - it reminds me of sunset. Pretty!

I love that these are quality polishes - not just crappy leftovers that no one wants. I was so happy with it, I ordered another 5 for $25. She will go through your order history to make sure you don't receive dupes.

You can purchase Darling Diva's 5 for $25 deal here


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