Hit Polish - Wizard of Oz Mystery Box

How cute is the freakin' box? I saved mine to display.

I'm such a sucker for cute packaging!

Glinda the Good Witch
Poppies Will Make Them Sleep
Emerald City
Yellow Brick Road

I don't even like pink but Glenda the Good Witch is gorgeous! I love the square glitter. Poppies Will Make Them Sleep is a colorful glitter topper w/ red, green, black, white and silver colors. Emerald City is my favorite - a lush glittery green. Yellow Brick Road is stunning. It's sparkly and shimmery - can't wait to see it in the sun.

I paid $12.95 including shipping - a awesome deal. I can't wait for more!

Check out Hit Polishes Website here 
Currently, she has full size polishes on sale here for $4.50 each


Erica D said...
August 9, 2013 at 7:54 PM

really cute polish and I love the packaging.

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