Royal Lacquer Kitty and Frosted Berry Review and Swatches

Happy New Year!!
Royal Lacquer recently sent me some beautiful polishes to review. 

This is Kitty. Kitty has black and white circle glitter and lime green hexes. This is 2 coats over You Polish's Zombie Boogie.

Kitty's application is fabulous. The perfect amount of glitter - not too much or too little.
No fishing at all!

It reminds me of 7-up!

Frosted Berry

Frosted Berry is berry/lilac jelly w/ two sizes of holo hex glitter. 3 coats.

I did have to fish just a smidge to get out some of the larger holo glitter.

This is such a pretty winter color - I love how it almost looks like frost. 
I think it would be interesting to try this over a undie.

Check out Royal Lacquer's etsy shop - she has lots more polishes (including holo's!) and awesome nail decals. She kindly sent me some decals to try - I will be playing w/ them in a future post. 


Erica D said...
December 31, 2013 at 12:17 PM

I love the first manicure, it looks so 3D! I wish you could come over and do my nails for New Year's Eve because they are all chipped and I don't even want to do them lol.

Happy New Year! I wish you nothing but the best in 2014


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