Overall Beauty Indie Grab Bags - Picture Heavy

I actually bought these 2 grab bags a few months ago - I'm behind!

One thing that sets this apart from other grab bags - you can request brands and colors. I asked for no pink, my ten friends, polish w/ a white base and purple.

My Ten Friends - Solar Dragon

Girly Bits - Bachelor's Button

Picture Polish - Black

 My extras

Here is the 2nd grab bag

Sea Lore - Springing Seahorse

Dollish Polish - I'll Tumble For Ya

Above the Curve - What No Buy?!?!

My extras

As you can see, she gave me everything I asked for :)


Erica D said...
November 21, 2013 at 3:23 PM

OMG the purple and the blue and the shimmer!!! I seriously need those, you find the best polish!


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