Glitter Guilty December

My last pleasures box! While I have loved my subscription, I canceled. My polish collection has grown immensely and I would rather spend that $16 a month on polishes I really want. Next month, I'm going to include a nail polish budget to our monthly bills. I'm hoping if I have a set amount to spend every month, that I won't go over it. We will see. I'm constantly putting myself on no buys for overspending but I seem to buy more when I'm attempting a no buy. Low buy - hopefully that it will work for me.

I got Snowed In as my full size. It's beautiful. It's a blue crelly w/ all kinds of glitter - including snow flakes. It looks like fresh snow falling.

I got Holly and Pinecones as my mini. It's a clear glitter topper w/ berry and gold glitter. Pretty & festive.

I also got some blueberry cheesecake popcorn. It's long gone :)

1st swatch - I used a Pahlish mystery color as my undie (green scattered holo) and used 2 coats of Holly & Pinecones on top.

2nd (middle) swatch - 2 coats of Holly & Pinecones

3rd swatch - 3 coats of Snowed In. Snowed In is a bit runny.

I'm going to miss this sub so much. I will definitely miss the treats!


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