Glossybox December

Not bad!

Anatomicals - You need a Blooming Shower Deluxe Sample
Hubbster uses so much shower gel - I'm grateful to have this so he will stay away from my beloved stash of handmade soaps! I hate floral scents but this one actually smells pretty good. A decent size too. 

Michael Todd - Pumpkin Mask Deluxe Sample
I've been wanting to try this since Ipsy had these in their bags. I wasn't able to get anyone to trade w/ me. So excited to try it! I love masks, I love pumpkin. It should be awesome sauce.

Naobay - Oxgenating Cream Deluxe Sample
Another freakin' moisturizer. I'm all moisturized out. My mom groaned when I told her I have another moisturizer for her :D

Ardency Inn - Punker World's Baddest Eyeliner Full Size
If only it was purple! But that's ok. My mom loves these marker style eyeliners so it's going to her. I never wear black eyeliner - I need color!

Nails Inc - Victoria Full Size
A deep cherry red - a perfect undie for my indies!!

I'm diggin' this box. Something for me, hubbster & my mom. 


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