Nail Mail

My latest haul from my awesome nail buddy. 

The sun decided to come out so here's some better pics. 

Indigo Bananas - Eris

I love Indigo Bananas so I was elated to get Eris. It's described as a dusty lavender pink duo-chrome w/ a scattered holo that shifts purple and orange. Gorgeous!

Disturbed Potions - Orgy?

My nail buddy is awesome! I've never even heard of Disturbed Potions before! This polish is beautiful. It's a gorgeous purple crelly w/ blue and pink circle glitter in different sizes. They have super dirty names for their polishes - it crack's me up :)

Pahlish - Dark Paradise

Pahlish is another favorite of mine and this polish is freakin' awesome. It's described as a deep violet jelly w/ violet glass flacks and color shifting orange iridescent glitter.

Literary Lacquer - Greatest Treasure

A pretty red holo. It's described as a semi sheer red linear holo. It's more of a orange red but it's still pretty.

She also sent me decants of Aly's Dream Polish in Tiffanytea, Dueling Unicorns from Different Dimension, Pahlish Mystery and Literary Lacquer in Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. 

Do you have a nail buddy?


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