Sneakpeeq Mystery Box - Holiday Glam Girl

I started a no buy December 1st. Actually, it's a necessity only buy. I've decided that I'm done selling on ebay. We are living on one income so I sell the samples I don't want from my beauty subs. It pays for all my beauty subs & Sephora splurges. I always make more than I spend so hubby doesn't mind how many packages I have coming to the house everyday (exaggerating a little). I've made quite a few sales lately (probably because of the holidays) and it's become overwhelming. I walked away from my jewelry business to focus on my health. And now I need to step away from ebay to focus on my health. I talked to hubster and he's fine w/ me keeping Ipsy, Glossy & Goodies. All three together cost $38 a month so as long as I stay away from Sephora, we will stay within our budget.

Of course, I had to splurge, just a little. I decided to order this a holiday glam girl mystery box from Sneakpeeq. I paid $29 (free shipping). Sneakpeeq guarantees 5+ items with a value of $60-$500 per box. They also have girl who has it all & nature girl (sold out right now) mystery boxes. I was going to wait until Christmas to open it but that didn't happen. Would you wait?

This is probably the best mystery box I've ever bought. Still, I wouldn't buy it again.

Box Contents:
Benefit - Perk Up Artist $30
Apothederm - Acne Clarifying Treatment $32.50
Facefront - Charmed Rose Pigment $11.50
LA Splash - Pearl Lilac Lip Gloss $6.99
Total Value: $80.99

I am excited to try the perk up artist. It's described as custom complexion corrector's. It contains 3 colors - a yellow neutralizer, a beige concealer and a pink brightener. The correct one is supposed to help disguise redness, the concealer is supposed to hide dark circles and the brightener is supposed to perk up tired eyes. Yes please!

I was under the impression that this would be a all makeup box so I'm not sure why there is a acne product. It is full size though and retails for $32.50. I looked up the lips gloss & facefront pigment - both colors have been discontinued. I think they just throw whatever they have left in a box & sell it as a "mystery box". I'm not curious anymore. The perk up artist is a new product and that makes the box a little less discontinued. You may also notice that there are 4 items, not 5 that sneakpeeq guaranteed. I called them three times & left  2 messages - no reply. I'm going to email them next - will let you know what happens.

I am having a giveaway in January - stay tuned for that. Happy Holidays!!

UPDATE - After 5 phone calls, I was finally able to talk to cs. They gave me a $29 credit for the missing item. Worth the wait!


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