Hustle Bustle

I am sooooo behind on beauty box reviews. I've been busy trying to get Christmas shopping finished & our house decorated. Actually, the house clean so we can decorate it.

Years ago, I used to decorate our whole house. When I say whole house, I mean whole house. Dining room, porch, living room, kitchen, both bathrooms & all 3 bedrooms. It took me 3 days. Now that I'm sick (endometriosis), I can't be crazy like that. I want to be crazy but my body won't let me. This year, the living room will be decorated & we will get a huge Christmas tree like usual (as big as we can get in the house). I'm fine w/ that. It really sucked to take all those decorations down every year.

Now, I let the boys help w/ the decorating. My hubby does a fanstastic job displaying my trees. I collect trees - my favorite being vintage bottlebrush trees. I don't know why I was so controlling before, I didn't let the boys help - everything had to be a "certain way". It's so much more fun w/ help, we play Christmas music & drink hot chocolate. Now, it's become a holiday tradition - something that we all look forward to.


Lori Ann said...
December 3, 2012 at 11:46 AM

I'm glad you have turned this into a family activity. :)

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