Posh Pod Update

The ladies on Makeup Talk were able to find Silver's (owner of posh pod) account on ebay. Thats some fine detective work! It appears that she (posh pod) is buying everything on ebay. Its not illegal to sell items you buy on ebay but ebay is notorious for selling expired, counterfeit, discontinued & old health/beauty items. I have been the victim of buying expired products too many times to have not learned my lesson.

I emailed posh pod Friday & requested a refund for Mays pod. I emailed her again Sunday night since she never got back to me. Yesterday, I filed a paypal dispute. She finally got back to me today & said she would issue a refund by morning. We will see about that. Its unfortunate that she wasn't upfront about where she was getting her samples. I would have never signed up had I known I would be buying crap from ebay. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". Well said

Glossybox announced today on their fb that they would be posting an exciting announcement very soon. Stop teasing us!


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