Sindulge is a monthly beauty subscription that claims to caters to your needs. Each month, you have a consult by video or text chat. Your beauty consulten then makes up a sample box with items you've asked for or items that were suggested during your consultation.

I was able to sign up for a penny using the code JKFF. I don't know if the code still works but try it at your own risk. The first month, I had a consult with Ami. We talked about what I wanted (skincare - eye cream & dark spot serum in particular). I was told my box would ship within 10 days.

It didn't ship in 10 days. It took nearly a month & I had to email them several times. When I finally got my box, it was full of pixi & youngblood primers. I was frustrated. Why go through all the hassle of a consult? I realize I only paid a penny but I thought it would be catered to my needs as their company claims to do.

They offered me another month for a penny. One of the girls on MUT, convinced to to stay. I asked to do my second consult by email which I did. I asked for eye cream & nail polish. Fast forward 3 weeks & I still haven't gotten my box. I emailed Ami & my box was shipped out within a day or two.

It finally came yesterday, over a month since my last consultation. I do admit, I like it. I shouldn't have to nag you to get my order though. What do you think? Give them another chance or run for the hills?

OPI - Yodel me on my cell - Full Size
la prairie - cellular eye contour cream .09 oz
pencil me in eye liner in emerald city
Youngblood - eye impact eye cream .01 oz
L'Occitane - shampooing conditioner 1.18 oz


Lori Ann said...
May 1, 2012 at 8:42 PM

I've been following the thread on MUT. I wouldn't put up with the hassle personally. At least your bag is better this time around

Michaela Tacker said...
May 1, 2012 at 9:50 PM

I've cancelled. HOWEVER, I will be watching their progress, and if they get their act together and start offering what they promise, I may resub. I really like the concept, it's too bad that the execution has been so bad.

Souly Stones said...
May 4, 2012 at 10:42 AM

Have to agree with you ladies. Too bad they couldn't get it together, it could have been awesome!

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