Birchbox - April

My April box came a few days ago. While this isn't the box I really wanted (I wanted the revolution blush stick), I'm still really happy with it.

The face mitt is something I would never buy (especially @ $28.50). Thats why I love birchbox, I keep getting introduced to things I've never seen before. Though sometimes its a love/hate relationship :) You just can't beat $10 a month & all the perks that go with it.

I tried the face mitt. First of all, the thing is huge. Whose face is that big that needs such a large mitt? I had to keep checking to make sure it wasn't the body mitt. I can't imagine how ginormous that must be. Its for all the ladies w/ the junk in the trunk. Maybe that could be a marketing campaign for them :)

Anyway, be careful with this thing, it really scrubs. It was odd not to use any cleanser but my face felt really clean. I find it odd that you can't wash it. What about all the nasty stuff in your skin? Seems like it should be cleaned somehow just they say to rinse it.

The orofluido smells really good but it doesn't do a thing for my long, frizzy, thick wavy hair. Argan oil is the only thing that does. The zoya polish is too pale for my tastes but I know plenty of people who like it.

Box Contents:
Befine skincare sampler - exfoliator & moisturizer duo $0*
Orofluido - beauty elixer .17 oz    (FS 3.4 oz $29.99)
Wonderstruck by taylor swift .4 oz  $.70 (FS 3.4 oz $59.50)
Zoya mini polish in bevin .25 oz $4 (FS .5 oz $8)
Micromitt - face mitt - FS $28.50

Total Value - $33.20 
I paid - $10
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*I put these as no value as they were expired. Not cool bb! I'm glad I got the face mitt at least. They are supposed to give us 100 points for the snafu.

I was able to get the revolution blush stick using my points so I didn't have to pay anything :)


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