Julep Spring Mystery Box

Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription. Typically you get 2 polishes, a mani or pedi item & a bonus item (like a nail file) every month. They have 5 different color schemes you pick from. every month.
I've been a member since January & I love it. At first, I thought $19.99 a month was too much but after receiving my first box, I was hooked. I wasn't expecting such high quality items. And you can skip a month which is great if you don't have the money that month or you don't like the colors.
In addition to the monthly boxes, they also produce mystery boxes. I LOVE the mystery boxes. They usually have more items than the monthly box. They are guaranteed to be worth $60-$200. The cost the same as the monthly boxes - $19.99
Box Contents:
Basecoat - $14
Melissa polish - $14
Sienna polish - $14
Anne polish - $14 (on my toes now)
Cuticle oil - $18

Total value - $74
I paid - $19.99
I'm sure the nail file is worth something but didn't include it in the total value.
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