Polish Addict - September Mystery Box

I recently joined some nail polish groups on facebook and discovered the brand - Polish Addict. How am I just now finding out about them? Every month, she offers a mystery box for $20. I HAD to get one!

For September's mystery box, Laura included one glow in the dark polish, one crelly polish, one glitter bomb polish and one holo polish. She also included a mini cuticle oil and mini spectraflair top coat. 

Brain freeze is a white crelly w/ matte neon blue, orange, green, yellow and pink hexes. This is a fun one! I'm looking forward to wearing it on a dark, gloomy day.

Sun Splashed Shores is a colorful, UV responsive polish w/ blue, orange, gold, red, yellow and gold hexes and squares. This one is my favorite! I love all the bright colors.

Gianna is a purplish pink halo w/ holographic hex glitter. The particular one I have is a prototype so I'm not sure how the final color turned out. I think it's gorgeous and I love the sparse hexes.

Cool Summer is a glitter bomb full of neon glitters - including stars. This is the only one I'm not really feeling but I saw a cute swatch of it earlier so I may give it a shot. 

Spectraflair Top Coat. I've heard that if you use this over color, it will cause it to have the effect of the color underneath. I'm excited to try it.

Look at the all extras she included! I got a mini top coat, cuticle cream, nail beads, glitter, fimo slices and nail decals. 

What a awesome deal for $20!! I LOVE mine.

Available here 


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