Pop Culture - Indie Nail Polish Mystery Bag

There are so many indie polish artisans on etsy, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you have been following along, you may have noticed I am addicted to mystery bags - that's a understatement! Mystery bags are often discounted, so it's a great way to try the brand before buying additional polishes.

I've been admiring Pop Culture Cosmetics polishes for months but she has soooo many gorgeous colors, I couldn't pick just one or two. Last month, she listed two different mystery bags and I was able to snag a bag of minis for $15.

She uses really long labels so I cut them down a bit so you can see the polishes. 

The first polish is Immortal. It has a purple base w/ two different shapes of purple glitter. Two of my most favorite things ever - purple and glitter!

The second polish is a prototype. Red, black, neon green and white glitter bomb w/ neon green and red stars. This is a fun one! I like reserving my fun polishes for winter when it's so dreary. 

The middle polish is Fairest of Them All. It has a pink base w/ colorful blue, red, orange and yellow glitter.

The fourth polish is Jack Frost. Another glitter bomb w/ a clear base and blue metallic square glitter & tiny matte white glitter. A gorgeous winter polish - looking forward to this one!

The last polish is my favorite - I Kissed a Frog and I Liked It - shimmery greenish blueish base w/ lime green, yellow and gold glitter. Beautiful! It reminds me of the sun shining on the sea.

I'm quite happy w/ this mystery bag. No duds and a great price. 

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