Hit Polish - Willy Wonka Mystery Box

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is one of my favorite movies. I can't stand the newer one w/ Johnny Depp. Gene Wilder is the only Willy Wonka to me! 

My mail comes super late - 5 to 7PM (it's torture) and there was just a sliver of sun left so these aren't the best pics. Sorry :(

My favorite is The Chocolate Room. I normally do not like brown but this one is gorgeous. It looks like it's lighted up w/ tiny jewels. Mr. Willy Wonka is pretty awesome too - loving the matte purple glitter!

Oompa Loompa - white crelly w/ greens, orange, copper & silver glitter
The Chocolate Room - shimmery brown base w/ green, blue, brown, red & yellow glitter in a variety of shapes - shreds, hexes, squares, short bars, etc
Wonka Bar - brown jelly w/ pink, yellow & white hexes w/ silver shards
Mr. Willy Wonka - glitter bomb w/ all kinds of purple glitter (mostly matte). I can also see white, green & black glitter.

Rachel, the owner of Hit Polish creates a themed mystery box every month. Next month's theme is Dark Crystal. She is only making 13 of these so you need to be on it. Dark Crystal goes on sale September 27th. http://shop.hitpolish.com/


Anonymous said...
September 10, 2013 at 1:00 PM

These are really cute polishes! I really need to order some.

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