You Polish - October

After seeing the skull polish, I couldn't resist trying out a You Polish Monthly box. For October's box, you get to choose 2 out of 5 colors from their Halloween Collection. The first nine get a extra gift and the first 30 also get 3 Halloween fimo canes.

Calaveritas - Clear glitter topper w/ pink, black, grey & white dots, squares, hexes and pink & white skull glitter. I wanted to love this but I don't! The skull glitter doesn't really look like skulls to me - it needs eye holes at the very least. Also, upside down it looks like a pregnant spider :(

All the other polishes w/ skull glitter are the same - I've bought 2 others from other indies so it's not You Polish's fault. 

Zombie Boogie - A gorgeous scattered holo. I do love this one. It's a bright, cheerful color - reminds me of key lime pie.

The 3 fimo canes I received. I like the last one. I couldn't even figure out what the middle one was until I took a picture of it upside down - it's a pumpkin. The first one is just dumb. Love Kills Slowly? Ok.

I paid $16.99 including shipping. This isn't a monthly sub - you pay for each box you want.
Available here


Charissa Hemmer [Belle] said...
September 30, 2013 at 8:05 PM

I ordered like 7 skull glitter nail polishes, including Calavaritas, and the crossbones don't stay down, I have one on my nails that looks like an octopus right now =/

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