Goodies - December

December's theme is Naughty Or Nice

Box Contents
Sun Cups - Dark Chocolate Mint
Sun Cups - Milk Chocolate Sunflower Butter
Effie's Homemade Oatcakes
World Table - Chocolate Caramel Cookie Thins
Bare Fruit - Cinnamon Apple Chips
Rocky Mountain - Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn
Eat Smart Naturals - Garden Veggie Crisps

The World Table Chocolate Caramel Cookie Thins are delicious. I really like to dip them in coffee, it seems brings out the caramel flavor more & the chocolate melts in your mouth. The Rocky Mountain Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn reminds me of a snickerdoodle. I tried to save some for my son to try but it didn't happen :) My son tried the sun cups. He doesn't like the mint one but loves the sunflower butter one. I really like apple chips but for some reason, I don't like Bare Fruit's Cinnamon Apple Chips. My hubby does and gobbled them up w/ glee. I didn't have high hopes for the veggie chips but surprisingly, I like it.  It's crispy & salty - just like a chip. Effie's Oatcakes are sooo good. They are buttery & crumbly with a touch of sweetness. I want more!

I'm thrilled with December's box. There is still a waiting list to join Goodies. You can request a invitation here 
You get 7 goodies for $7 a month.


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