Forever Polished Large Mystery Box

I caved. I recently reviewed Forever Polished's mystery box and noticed that she had a listing for a larger mystery box w/ 2-3 polishes and 2-3 soap products for $20. So tempting - too tempting apparently :)

I received 2 full size polishes, 1 mini polish, bar of soap, 
2 smaller octopus soaps & nail glitter for $20
What a awesome deal!

The Polishes

Watermelon Punch - white based polish w/ watermelon, purple & turquoise glitter
Fall For Me - nude w/ pink color shift & holo
Coco - brown holo

This smells delish. I'm not sure what scent it is but it smells fruity and the bar is huge.
Love the swirl.

How cute are these little octopus soaps?! 

My most favorite thing in the box - mustache nail glitter! I love mustaches - I have all kinds of mustache stuff but I've never seen nail glitter. This girl is after my heart!

I want to order another one! 


Charissa Hemmer [Belle] said...
November 1, 2013 at 4:35 PM

omg! that box is awesome! The mustaches are so cute!

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