Star Looks - July

My last Star Looks box. Just not feelin' it anymore.

St. Tropez Eyeshadow Palette
Sculpt and Brush Blush
Bonus - The Ultimate Bronze Set

Normally, I would have been ecstatic to receive this. But upon further inspection - the quality is terrible. I've heard that the shadows are hard and not very pigmented. The packaging makes it look super cheap - it looks much worse in person. Packing is important to me - I sometimes buy things just because of the packaging! Sorry no swatches - not planning on keeping it.

This brush is awesome! It's super soft and angled for a deep contour under the cheek bones. I've been meaning to pick up another blush brush so this is perfect.

Bonus - the ultimate body bronze set. You are supposed to mix the body butter and pigment together to make a bronzing cream. I am already natural tanned so I have no use for this. And I'm way too old for this! 

Star Looks is a great value @ $17.68 a month. But if you don't like the makeup - it's kinda a waste. I canceled before I received my box and I had to harass them just to get it sent - even though I already paid for it. Not cool. Good riddance. 


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