Glossybox - June

This months theme is American Beauty. It is curated by Dallas Shaw (fashion illustrator). The collaboration boxes are usually much better than the regular monthly ones. She chose products from her most favorite American brands.

When I found out that Bondi nail polish was going to be on the box, I got another box. I've been wanting to try their polishes for awhile now & they created 6 different polishes for this box. I really don't know what happened but Bondi had to pull out at the last minute. I get the impression that it's Dallas's fault but I really don't know for sure. Spa Ritual polish replaced the Bondi polish. I wouldn't have bought another box for a Spa Ritual polish! Oh well.

c.Booth - Honey Almond Dry Oil Mist Deluxe Sample
Oscar de la Renta - Essential Luxuries Set (6 mini perfume sprays)
Philip B - Assorted Hair Products - Deluxe Size
SpaRitual Nail polish - Full Size
Tarte - Complexion Enhancing Lipstick - Full Size

Every box has the same oil and perfumes. The are different variations of the lipstick, nail polish and hair product. 
The oil smells really good. I'm going to use it after shaving. There are 6 different scents of perfume. One of mine spilled and the whole box reeks! 

A little disappointed to get 2 shampoos but at least it's usable!

The gold polish is solstice. The purple creme is solitude. Meh

I was lucky to get 2 different colors of lipstick.

The lipsticks are nude w/ a tinted core. The first color is fair to light (pink). The second color (coral) is medium to tan. I love the medium-tan one. It's a gorgeous coral that looks awesome on my very dry lips.

Despite the controversy and significant delays in shipping, I love this box. The lipstick alone makes the whole box for me and I got 2! 

For $21 a month, you can get a box similar to this one. There is a different theme every month. 
You can sign up here


Erica D said...
July 10, 2013 at 5:56 PM

Those lipsticks look interesting and that gold polish is beautiful!

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