Glitter Daze - July

My very first Glitter Daze box. I have to admit - I'm in love! 

Love the cute packaging.

July's theme is Summer

Summer Garden Polish - This is gorgeous! It's a full size polish with a white base & all kinds of colors of glitters in different shapes. It also has pink flowers, yellow flowers and pink butterflies.

Nightfall in NYC Mini - Another gorgeous polish. It's described as a halo but it just looks glittery to me. It's a pretty red/purple/orange/blue colorshifting polish.

I also got a mini base coat. 

There are 3 levels of membership. 
Super Daze is $15 and you get one full size polish and one hand care item. 
Mega Daze is $22 and you get one full size polish, one hand care item & one mini polish (I have this one)
Ultra Daze is $32 and you get one full size polish, two hand care items, one mini polish & one glittery accessory.

They also donate part of your purchase to charity. You do have to commit to a 3 month sub but you can pay monthly.

Sign up here


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