Well, its supposed to be spring anyway. You wouldn't know it if you looked outside. Rainy, cold and dreary - good old Portland Oregon. Its unusually cold though, my bulbs are struggling to bloom.  I usually dread spring but am actually happy about it. We've had enough snow to last a lifetime this winter!

I'm still working on my spring pieces and slowly starting my summer line. I made this springy pendant. The flower petals are mystic blue violet quartz with a mystic smoky quartz in the middle. The flower rests on a huge mystic rock crystal focal. 

I will be in Charleston, SC next week for 8 days. I'll be having a sale while I'm gone so check back for details.

Tomorrow, I am participating in Vote Earth. You can vote Earth by switching off your lights for one hour. It takes place on Saturday, March 28th at 8:30 PM. I hope that everyone who reads this will participate too. How hard is it to turn off your lights for one hour! I think we should do this every week. You can find more details on their website


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