Windows to the Past

I've finally finished my first fall piece. I'm running a little behind schedule! This piece is made with all natural baltic amber. I've been hoarding my amber for years. There is so much fake stuff out there, I'm afraid to buy anymore!

Baltic Amber is one of my very favorite stones. But its not really a stone, its fossilized resin (tree sap!). It estimated at being at least 50 Million years old though it could very well be older.

The pendant features a gorgeous green amber cab. Green amber is my very favorite kind of amber. I've used honey nuggets and butterscotch nuggets as well. The butterscotch nuggets are particularly special - they are half opaque and half translucent - something you don't see every day.

In between the honey nuggets, I've used fine silver hill tribe nuggets. There are also ornate bali beads through out and a bali clasp.


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