Gleneden Beach


All pics by Jeff Scooler                                       

We got back from the beach last week. We didn't want to go home!! The weather was great besides some fog. We spent a lot of time walking on the beach, playing in the sand and running from the FREEZING cold water!

My aunt is selling her beach house :(  I will be soooo sad when we can't use the house anymore. I've been going every year since I was around 5 or so. There are so many special memories I have there. Its the only place where I feel completely relaxed and myself. 

Of course I went to my favorite crystal shop, the Crystal Wizard which is located on the Gleneden Beach Loop. I bought a Lemurian Seed Crystal that I had been admiring the year before. I haven't had a chance to take a pic of it but its about 6 inches long, pale pink with some beautiful companion crystals at the base. 

Now its back to reality. I have two more summer pieces to finish and am also working on a good friends wedding jewelry (pics coming soon...). Then, starting my fall pieces. My first fall piece will be made with padparadscha sapphires which is a gorgeous and very rare sapphire. It is a color shifting stone which changes from orange to salmon depending on the light. I can't wait to work with this stone. 


Gypsy Rose Creations said...
July 31, 2009 at 4:43 PM

hmmm. wonder who the good friend is??
Cant wait to see your new crystal. Sounds gorgeous. I would so love to go crystal shopping with you!
Also cant wait to see this new sapphire piece. Sigh. Will have to win the lotto so i can buy more of your pieces.

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