Sample Society - July

I canceled ss back in June. I got a unexpected phone call thanking me for my feedback. I was told they were going to send me a free box & give me a $10 credit if I wanted to join again.

It was super generous of them to send a free box. I'm still not wowed by it, however. Another tiny eye cream. Much bigger sample of jouer though (bb sent ones about the size of the eye cream). Sisley Paris is a good brand but I am swimming in skincare. It was a great box for free. I wouldn't be happy if I had paid for it. This is my least favorite box by them so far.

Box Contents
Sisley Paris - Intense Anti-Aging Hydration 4 ml $25 (FS $250)
Borghese - Tono Body Creme 1 oz $4.34 (FS $36.50)
Vbeaute - Nourishing Repair Eye Cream 1ml $5.66 (FS $85)
Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Golden .17 oz $3.80 (FS $$38)
Vincent Longo - Duo Lip Pencil in Roseberry/Spring Rose - FS $26

Total Value - $64.80  I paid $0
A great value though I made the right decision for me by canceling.


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