Julep Mystery Boxes - It Girl, American Beauty & Bombshell

Julep really knows how to reel me in! They put out 5 different mystery boxes based on the profiles - It Girl, American Beauty, Bombshell, Boho Glam & Classic w/ a Twist.

I ordered my first two boxes together - It Girl & American Beauty. Oh man, when I saw how big the box was, I got really excited.

Wah Wah. Disappointment. Two small boxes :(

It Girl

Megan - $14 FS
Base Coat - $14 FS
Rachel - $14 FS
Jessica - $14 FS
Sandra - $14 FS
Total Value - $70
I paid - $19.99

American Beauty

Amy - $14 FS
Pippa - $14 FS
Natalie - $14 FS
Hand Scrub - $10.66 1 oz Deluxe Sample
Age Defying Hand Brightener $10.66 1 oz Deluxe Sample
Daylight Defense Lip Balm in Vanilla Mint - $6 FS
Total Value - $69.32
I paid $19.99


Demi - $14 FS
Vanessa - $14 FS
Gloria - $14 FS
Lip Vernis in Peony - $18 FS
Total Value - $60
I paid $19.99

The It Girl box is my favorite. Megan is gorgeous & Rachel is the only dupe. I'm underwhelmed w/ American Beauty. The colors are boring & would have rather had one full size scrub or hand cream than 2 samples. I'm thrilled to get the peony lip gloss in the Bombshell box. I've almost ordered it a few times. All the polishes are dupes but that's not Julep's fault :)

I was bad & ordered the other two boxes. I can't help myself, I just have to know whats in those boxes!Should be here tomorrow. Its coming in another big box like earlier but I'm not going to get my hopes up.


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